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Holo Girl
Here is the updated scene that should support custom looks. If you have issues with the feet make sure the look does not have shoes as I have not added support for shoes in this scene. Let me know if you find issues I need to work on as I know there are alot.
Added a few new voice commands and fixed some bugs
I have added a follow me feature and there are now 28 differnt voice commands I do hope you like the new additions. I will be adding more to come as always please give me your ideas if you would like me to add them in the scene.
Fixed a few bugs with animations and added two new voice triggers will be looking to add the functionality to add your own models into the scene with voice next.
Worked on some major bugs and fixed sex scene and dance scenes I hope you enjoy
Thank you for your patiance I am trying to work through the bugs. There are some you will find and I do hope you like the additions. If you have issues you might have to restart VAM but should work fine. Please let me know what bugs you find an I will fix asap.
There are three diffrent dance sequances with more coming soon. It will hopefully cycle through all of them and you can now change the song on command. There is a New ASMR Feature Just Say Hey when you want to be talked to for 11 min. This scene is all designed for VR and is Best Experinced in such. I have so many more Ideas for this scene and will continue pushing. If you have any feed back, bugs, or issues please let me know, so I can fix them thank you.
This was another big update added Pole dance routine, dance for me, sit down commands and a special Show off comand scene wihch has something special waiting for you. I hope you have as much fun playing with this scene as I had making it. Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy.
Fixed a buggy comand Again changed to Lets Go Again, Fixed pause function to pause music. Fixed Male Alignment. Will be adding more voice acting and new commands next.
added walkiing animation as well as Vam Sync better Embody Position and new voice commands try them all out today!!!!!! Next Update will hit My Patreon first!!!!!! So the updates here will always be a version Behind.
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