Scenes Holiday (version 7)

Hello! Here's my scene 'Holiday' (Yes I know the name is crap). You can watch the latest preview video here, which showcases some of the many improvements over the first version of the scene).

The main idea behind my project is to create a single easy-to-use scene where you can "experience" your favourite VAM model in multiple positions without having to load a new scene and reload your looks every time you feel like switching it up. It makes use of Timeline and other fantastic plugins provided by the community to ensure that the penetration is reliable even when swapping models. I thought it would be fun to release it as I develop and improve the scene, building on the great feedback I've received so far.

Some highlights of the scene:
  • TWELVE unique animated sex positions, all within a single scene.
  • Swap between the positions instantly at any time and in any order without resetting your looks (The main problem with merge-load). Doggy-style on the desk, missionary on the bed, cowgirl on the sofa, blowjob in the Jacuzzi and so on; each position is different.
  • You choose when to start/stop the sex, change positions or even ejaculate. It's up to you!
  • The scene also has a completely hands-free option which automatically cycles through every position in a random order. This will free up your hands to do, um, other stuff, like using your phone or playing the piano, obviously. It will play out differently every time you load it up.
  • Enjoy the action in third person, POV, or you can even watch the entire scene on the in-game TV!
  • A full Day/Night cycle which creates dynamic lighting based on the time of day, simulating moonlight, sunset/sunrise and so on. You can see it in action here. Click on the clock to skip to a random time, or control the time of day yourself.
  • Multiple weather effects; the scene will randomly cycle through them or you can control it yourself. You can bang in the rain, snow, or even a thunderstorm. Why? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Immersive ambient audio to create an authentic atmosphere depending on the time of day and weather. You can expect birds chirping in the morning, crickets at night, cars speeding by, wind, rain and thunder effects, even the clock ticking, just to name a few!
  • Instantly possess the male's head at any time by pressing CAPSLOCK.
  • Customisable scene functionality, allowing you to toggle auto-cum and sex animations, sound effects, clothing, weather effects, control the Day/Night cycle etc.
  • Playable in both VR and Desktop mode.
You can find various other videos on my progress here. If you enjoy this scene, you can get updated versions on my Patreon page. These include more positions, vastly improved animations, cleaner UI and many other additional features.

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Latest reviews

Great Work thanks for revisiting and Updating the scene.
No problem, thank you for the review!
great scene.
only thing to improve would be to start the scene with a neutral / non sex pose instead of going directly into the action.
Yeah I definitely plan on adding at least one neutral pose at some point, I was thinking that sunbathing might be a good way to start it. Thanks for the review!
the reset look was a deal breaker thanks for solving this !!!
You're welcome! Thanks for the review!
wow , you have done a lot of work in your Holiday creation
Yep lol I've lost count but I must've put in at least 100+ hours by now, and it's still not even close to being finished. Thanks for the review!
thank you for the updates
No problem, thanks for the review!
Convenient and thoughtful scene. Very easy to change positions/locations and start the action. Looking forward to future updates.
Thank you, I appreciate it! I hope you've liked the updates.
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