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It was difficult for me to create a new scene every time.
I found a way to save some time.

This can create sex scenes very quickly.

simple usage

Ejaculation effect using Plugins.

How to use the event
- The animation process is dispatched as an event.

- The event fires when it is deepest.



Leverage the default location feature


All of these were prepared as sub-scenes.

You can create better scenes by using the plugins below.
(The plugins below are used in the example scene.)

This is a scene using GlassBody.
(Not included in this asset.)

Please note that there is a scene for reference.

This file does not contain Look or any other plugins.
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Latest updates

  1. Added appearance material setting function

    Added appearance material setting function
  2. Bug fixes.

    Fixed an issue where the location information saving function was initialized when loading a scene.
  3. Bug fixes.

    Fixed error in Base Position storage function.

Latest reviews

Great stuff! Could you do one that's just the pelvis?
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Thanks so much
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Just like everyone else saying, great idea aligning a CUA penis with the capabilities of motion. One thing; they really hate touching tips. Instant physics explosion. Turns into a wind mill and slaps the actual actor into oblivion. Kinda funny cause the penis fixes its physics shortly after but its still swaying. So its almost like an animation where the actor is supposed to get cock-slapped
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It’s crazy how much easier this makes setting up a sex scene. It’s become one of my go-to asset/plugins. Thank you for making it
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where can i find this look plz?
Appearance is not supported.
This is a CustomUnityAsset.
This is a type of dildo with a function.
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NIce work. Can you explain me how to add the cumshot from penis?
If you search for ejaculation in the hub, you will find several assets.
Add this asset to your screen.
Double check the glassbody plugin.
There is an item called Head Target.
You can track that asset and connect it to your penis.
Then I hope you make good use of it.
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Nice work!
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This is getting pretty good!, all thats needed is a UV map so skin textures could be added to make even more realistic males and some fun Gangbang or glory scenes could be made with this.
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Fantastic plugin, it ll be cool to be able to change the transparency settings too :)
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