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Genital Multi Pass

Plugins Genital Multi Pass 29

Genital Multi Pass Plugin
Tons of customizable morphs | Includes My AWW Custom Morphs
aware, fun, sexy and useful!

Pose, Automate, Save your gens for each character.

Each side works independently, with a handful of center based and static morphs as well.
The AWWalker naughty bits Lover's resources.
It's Your Dream, go enjoy the hell out of it.

Don't take my word for it, check out the most recent reviews!

And if you like realistic looking everyday beauties and looks of women, you might see day to day, head on over to my Patreon and take a gander at what i have been up to lately. And if you have any custom look requests, hit me up.
Patreon Page - Beautiful Women, Unique Looks

This is the naughty bits lover's resource. You can use it to create custom looks for the vagina, and save those settings. If you just want to use it for sculpting, you can do that as well. Morphs update with leg spreading, to simulate a close to real experience of opening and closing of the legs. Save a preset, uncheck Multi Pass Enabled and disable or unload the plugin after you have it the way you want. It's your dream, enjoy it. You can even address the sliders with other plugins or triggers, attach some of them to an excitement level trigger. Experiment, dream, enjoy. oh and rub one out for me.,

v24: Critical code update, math had to be rethought so that it would be unique. Old saves will still work, but, they may be a tad off. This is a one time thing to rectify a coding issue brought to my attention. Plus it was using outdated unity calls, I went ahead and moved over to the new ones. If there are any issues, please let me know, and if you notice it's not working, check the intensity, and smoothing speeds, they may be at 0 ... i kept thinking i broke it ... no it was just at 0.

Don't forget to
(y):love::eek:LIKE THIS RESOURCE 👍if you find it something you enjoy. And if you really like it and want to see it continued to grow and develop, perfect and satisfy, head on over to my Patreon page, show a bit of support. Thanks everyone! Enjoy.
>> AWWalkerVammer Patreon Link <<

I won't be able to live without this anymore
~~ Gabberjaw ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

Dude, you found, fixed & epically improved a glaring issue in the lady bits area. This is coming together more jaw droppingly awesome with each release. Can't wait for the grand finale when we can save. Thank you, A Dub!
~cmramlow ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

pussfect! (near to)
~ keycode ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

5M stars my dude, someone, YOU, finally busted through the broke ass pussy vam walls and managed to morph out the most realistic looking pussy vam may ever see - it's like that backstreet boys song "It's all I ever wanted" - Brav fuckin O, Adub, I love you man!
~ cmramlow ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

Every now and the a plugin surfaces that changes the game for VAM content.. This is one of those plugins. A must have.
~Hexenv88 ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟

🥰That was the goal!!!! And in VAMs defense, the female genital is a pain in the ass to work with, vertices are way to close, lots of surgery involved to accomplish. Wouldn't have been able to do it without MeshedVR's ingenuity to begin with. Some of the morphs need fine tuning, and they'll get it in the future.

💞Morph Paks♀ are now a dependency! Finally, right?

⚠UPDATE: Save to and Load from file works now !

⚙Tip: Use with 🎥 Genital Multi Pass Workout Scene 🎥 to setup your morphs for each character. Create reusable saved presets for each.

Example of what a little fine tuning will do. 20+ sliders, including multiple ways to adjust labia major in 4 sections, both sides individually and 3 on the minora. Hood, Clit, Puffyness as well. Tons More to come! Modeled while surfing lots of porn for lots of quality references, jk, not jk. :p A bunch of my legacy morphs that never made it out of the workshop are also there. They're just as useful, but done in medieval and klunky 3d tools.



Add plugin to female. Close legs at their most closed position and set the minimum settings, then repeat for open legs, and set the max positions. Values can go outside the stated limit, but be careful, large values will blow up your doll too much, and you'll break her.

(If you do blow her up, set the bad slider by hand to a safe value (0)? then just save the settings, reload the plugin and reload settings)

Now Included: You can create multiple different settings, save them to their own MultiPass file, for different needs and uses.

 FIXED (* Known bug, it seems to be adding _multipass over and over when saving over old files ... fix in next version )

If you like this, going to work on one that does a similar effect for bending over ... (☀this still in thought state, but after doing the code update this week, i think i cracked it🌚)

My current Morph Paks for Female

MultiPass was originally inpsired by VeeRifter's Autolabia before growing into this beast.
Interface is grouped into sections, Centered morphs, Major then minor.

No XFACTOR, it was pointless, sounded cool, but nah.

Intensity is the multiplier of the morphs. Between 0 and 2. And because you can type directly into intensity, i recommend that you don't do above 2. She'll have a Class 5 orgasm, and most likely explode. Makes a complete mess of the room. Bystanders get struck, and then they explode. It's awful...lol. Take it from that guy >>> no, don't, he kinda likes it.

Use a reference photo. Use the scene Multi Pass Work Out with an easy to use interface to assist with posing.

Do small increments, save a lot, keep your folder structure organized.

Lock the perfect setting for stills.

Use LFE Extra Auto Genitals 3 (EAG3) and with my morphs as well, they may compete with each other, just disable Multi Pass or LFE to give control to the other. Code to add Overrides for LFEs EAG3 to take control are a thought in the works, i would rather they just play nicely.

I love making this for myself and sharing it with y'all... just a country boy... geek... learnin shit. (* i've learned to write more code via 'adult' related avenues then anywhere else, and i'm in the field lol *)

Get a box of kleenex (with aloe).
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Latest reviews

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Just awsome!
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Hell yeah, well worth the subscription!
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Take a look at this exquisite technique, it's simply a work of art. You are the James Cameron of the pornographic industry.
Thanks!!! Lol.
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Every now and the a plugin surfaces that changes the game for VAM content.. This is one of those plugins. A must have.
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pussfect! (near to)
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Dude this is excellent - thank you. You are very talented. Is there also a way of making the clit and hood have soft physics? So they move with collisions etc. As is for the male P?
Unfortunately there are no bones in the female genitals, but it I figure a way out I'll do it
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Review #2: The updates are well worth the effort. This is top-tier work
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better and better!wonderful!
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I won't be able to live without this anymore
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