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Plugins Genital Multi Pass 18.0.0

Hot stuff. Working on releasing control to LFE ExtraAutoGenital controlled morphs when it's loaded. A couple of more very useful morphs and custom adding of morphs almost complete.

I am almost there with custom adds for morphs and such. But i'm passing out right now...
Missing Majora Section in Last release, apologies. Update to restore it.

Missed a reference to the Majora Section in my code, sorry peeps. It's back. Didn't affect functionality of saving or saved settings. All the same settings were recorded and loaded. You just couldn't see the Majora section and edit those sliders.
With this update, you can use the Min or Max settings as the only settings. In this fashion, you can use it to control all the included morphs in one place, with out appyling the spread controls if you like. When you save the file, both min and max are saved, you'll have to rick the box at the bottom again to apply only those settings. Mostly a code update and clean, for ease of introducing future features. Adding morphs has proven a bit more complicated then anticipated, but is still being worked. Old save files will work and will continue to work, nothing will ever change that. So no worries.
So, i nested the saves one level deeper. I won't mess with that again. You can move your current save files on your own if you like. VAM for some reason won't refresh the directory listing, or i haven't found the right call to the file API to do it.

GUI Layout adjust and optimized.

New Morphs added for a bit more control.
I finally got it. Thanks @MacGruber for the pointers and help. I also added a small reference file to pull in the morph pack var as well as a dependency.

lol... i keep messing up... this is clean
Won't fail on load if missing morph, it'll just assign that slider to right pinky toe bend (hardly noticable) but better then not working.

Add session preset save and restore, and load defaults buttons. More code stuff... i need one of the gurus to help me with the save settings to file feature, or i need to keep digging thru these dlls.
Quick over view of Xfactor and intensity on main page added.
Yeah, i couldn't get lerp to work right, or believable, so this not good idea.
Added morph dependency to make it easier to download and use.
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