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Genital Multi Pass

Plugins Genital Multi Pass 29

What else should it include? Ideas, thoughts, PM me your suggestions?
Make sure when you download 💾 , to get all the morph paks in i have put out, they should be listed as dependencies when you install the var, but it seems many folks have messaged me and just didn't click download the dependencies. You have to download them, or the sliders will only bend the pinky toe 👣

(Ohh the floppy emoji just reminded me of ultima IV ... on a mac ... in the 80s ... wow.)
AWWalker.AWW_GenMorphResources.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY-ND
AWWalker.AWW_GenMorphResources_Pak2.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY-NC-SA
AWWalker.AWW_Samara.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY
AWWalker.AWWalker_GEN_Morphs_Minora.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY-ND
AWWalker.AWWalker_MorphPak_03.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY-NC-ND
AWWalker.AWWalker_MorphPak_Bendover.latest By: AWWalker License: CC BY-NC-SA

Watch for latest release here
More controllable sections, static bend adjustments added, for anus, and genital zones. Experiment with them, gen bender morph 8 and 9 on the gen side help tuck the bulging top of the vagina when bending over, the others adjust depth, some gapping and rotation in ways that other morphs haven't addressed. More accurate ones are being created, as well as i can muster with the G2F body. (Can't wait for 8)
Ok, redid the math and added lerping, and tabs buttons for sections. Old saves should be pretttttty damn close to what the were, you may have to make slight adjustments, but for the most part, i did what i could to keep them from being to altered.

also, the annoying double and tripple appending of _multipass in the save files should be gone, it's only going to add .json from now on. And i suggest new folders for new saves so you can go back and forth between old and new if you need to make adjustments.
Want to get access to dev releases and morphs? Have some love to spare. Head on over and show some support at my Patreon supporters page.

Been putting some extra effort in lately, getting the look just right. Lots of studying lol.

Smoothing added, lerp controlled open and closing morphs. Majora and Minora will now slowly open and close to simulate a more natural open and close. This ability can be turned on and off, and the speed at which the smoothing is applied can be adjusted.

V24 is now up on patreon page, which has tabbed sections for the different areas. Want to support me ?! Head on over and pledge for a while and get the latest releases as they come out.


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Head on over to my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/AWWalkerVammer for latest builds and pre releases. Buy me a coffee, a red bull, or something caffeinated :) I'll still be releasing public versions, but not as often. Working on more advanced features and possibly side by side integration with other existing plugins. Check it out!


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