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(y) Like it, :love:Love it, 😱Wow it. Or hate it. :poop: Let me know.
Something i made to work on my upcoming morphs and code.
A customizable scene, which is a on the back floor exercise, pelvic thrust workout for you to go blind with. Great at getting those pelvic muscles and abs nice and tight for any of your models.

✅More Power Update. Polished and refined for a more professional feeling. Multi Purpose scene for detailed genital morph testing. Hope you like.

(Take time and go to web version if you can't view the video full screen :) Copy link below and put in your browser.)

MultiPassPlayGround7 (3).png

MultiPassPlayGround7 (5).png

Please remember to feed the models.
MultiPassPlayGround7 (1).pngMultiPassPlayGround7 (2).pngMultiPassPlayGround7 (3).pngMultiPassPlayGround7 (4).pngMultiPassPlayGround7 (5).png
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  1. Update to reflect latest version (18) of Multi Pass Plugin

    This is a minor update to fix the missing section for the majora morphs.
  2. New version of plugin

    Not many noticeable changes, but new plugin version has been included for new users.
  3. Updated with new Multipass Plugin and morphs

    Enjoy. I think i'm going to be done with this for a while... my head hurtz. Lemme know if...

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5M stars my dude, someone, YOU, finally busted through the broke ass pussy vam walls and managed to morph out the most realistic looking pussy vam may ever see - it's like that backstreet boys song "It's all I ever wanted" - Brav fuckin O, Adub, I love you man!
Back at ya. :)
Great Idea for a demo Scene Thank
You're welcome
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