Genital Multi Pass Workout Scene - Blind Thrust

Scenes Genital Multi Pass Workout Scene - Blind Thrust 25

Few small corrections to be made. Sorry for the glitches if you experienced them.
Update to reflect new version of Multi Pass! Enjoy!
V24 Button Tabs, Smoothing, Saving, little easier to look at.
This is a minor update to fix the missing section for the majora morphs.
Not many noticeable changes, but new plugin version has been included for new users.
Enjoy. I think i'm going to be done with this for a while... my head hurtz. Lemme know if there are any issues or anything.
Genital Multi Pass Workout Scene (REUP)

Latest file added to this resource, i'll keep both updated... until i can talk to site owners about consoldating.
Post to the right one this time...

Added thrust control, up down control and open and closed pause buttons, a spot light, and a little more. Cleaned up the anims as well. Enjoy.

Issues? Let me know! I'm working on the rest of the morphs now. Anus, Butt Cheeks, Bend overs Controllers etc... i hate having to spend 1/2 hour on every scene after i get it right, just to bend her over and wtf... lol.
Lemme know if there issues. This should be stable.
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