Clothing G-Pumps

Just a minor update:

Var now includes the optional 'Extreme' and 'Insane' heel CUA's rather than having to grab it off the Discord channel.

Added presets for HeelAdjust & CUA Manager as a zip file and added a couple of extra clothing presets.
(unzip this to your VAM root directory for the preset files to go the correct folders)

Added a couple of 'dummy' clothing items (1 invisible poly) to control Heel Adjust for the CUA's.
Using the associated one will correctly set the heel collider.

If you wish to use them but aren’t familiar with how to use CUA’s the following guidelines should help.
(This guide is also included as a pdf in the var)

You will need a number of plugins as listed below.

CUA Manager:

Highly recommend adding this as a default session plugin so that it auto launches with VAM instead of having to add it manually each time.

Instructions on how to set it up can be found on the hub page.

Parent Hold Link:

Unity Asset Vamifier:
Included in Vam 1.20

Heel-Adjust Plugin:

This is a recommendation for G-Pumps v1.0 so you may have grabbed it already.

How to Use:

The ‘MrGiggly_CUA_Heels_Presets.zip’ includes presets for CUA manager and Heel Adjust which will reduce the amount of manual configuration needed.

Download and add the above plugins to your Vam Addons folder.

Set up CUA Manager as a session plugin.

Unzip ‘MrGiggly_CUA_Heels_Presets.zip’ to your VAM folder

Load up a scene and add a person.

Add the ‘Heel_Adjust’ plugin to your person.

Select ‘Session Plugin’ tab and go into CUA Manager plugin settings. Select a Preset from the drop down list, then click ‘Load Preset’.

Add a G-Pump Dummy Clothing Item from the clothing menu as you would for normal clothing, and select the additional upper clothing parts you would like to use.

select one of the clothing CUA presents that you’ll find in the g-pumps VAR

Optional - If you wish to re-colour the platforms, select the atom (Platform Left/Right), then select the vamifier plugin associated with the atom, open the control and adjust.
Had a few peeps ask for higher platform version of G-Pumps.

Sadly, all my tests have resulted in distortion if I try to go higher with the current platform mesh I'm using as a clothing item.

As a result, here are 'extreme' and 'insane' versions using CUA's and a couple of plugins (CUA Manager and Parent Hold Link)


I'll look to add these platforms to the G-Pumps var but in the meantime I've added a zip file to the official VAM discord that includes CUA Manager presets and a guide on how to use them for those unfamiliar with CUA manager.


Blazedust: CUA Manager & Parent Hold Link
NoStage3: Unity Asset Vamifier
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