Fury of the Furries v.2.0

Hairstyles Fury of the Furries v.2.0 20200603

My pubic hairstyle pack now migrated to new hair engine v3.

Hair styles included:
- Fresh Puss (short, dense hair, pubic area only)
- After Shave (very short hair... 2 days after shaving)
- Landing Strip (self explanatory)
- Combed Fox (medium hair, not trimmed)
- Welcome to the Jungle (wild thing!)
- Trimmed (pubic area, and labia majora)
- Regular Bush (sparse, more on the pubic area, less on labia majora)
- Full Beaver (self explanatory)
- Bermuda Triangle
- Mr. T (a mohawk!)


Creative Commons BY-NC-ND, this means you can:
- use it in your scenes etc as long as you credit me by linking back to this thread,
- use it for non-commercial purposes only,
- use it without derivative works (it means you can't repack or recompile the assets into larger assetbundles, but you can pack it with your scene for example - just credit me linking back to this thread),
- upload/redistribute it freely as long as you credit me linking back to this thread.
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