Foxy Pink Envy

Looks Foxy Pink Envy 2021-06-12

A thick model that dabbles heavily in cosplay - if you can consider mostly undressed versions of characters to be cosplay. Not that i'm complaining....

This marks my first real foray into a thicker body type with some proportions that honestly don't seem real when you first get a look. Since i don't make custom morphs, i did what i could with the baked in morph set and whatever morph packs are at our disposal from our generous content creators. The result is a rather nice but probably flawed in some places body - as the available morphs have limits to what they can do without looking funny. If some poses or movements end up causing unforeseen oddities in the body, i apologize in advance and hopefully if i'm told, i can fix it. I did some pose testing myself but feedback is welcome if you find something.
That being said , these two plugins are always a good thing to have for ironing out some kinks.

Appearance Preset, Decal Maker Preset and Hair Preset all included. None of the clothing you see is included.

Skin is the built in, universally used Kayla from Ren
Hair - combo of Nostage3 Long Side 7 and Callimohu Anime Bangs
Decal Maker - Chokaphi
Face Decals - Kemenate
Makeup Decals - Alter3go
Freckles - Alterego
Environment - VamXFan
Lashes - Wolmarc
Eye Texture - MaPratt1771
Enhanced Eyes - Hunting Succubus
Eyebrows - Kemenate Female Body Hair
Morphs Used to make this model: (takes deep breath)

Reloaded Lite Morphs
Dilldoe Morphs
Tenstrip Morphs
Jackaroo Modular Expressions
Tiseb Foot Morphs
Kemenate Morphs
SupaRioAmateur Breast Morphs
SupaRioAmateur Neckfix Morphs
Particle Pinnacle Mons Morphs
Particle Pinnacle Belly Button Morphs
Legit4978 Butthole Morphs
TToby Foot Morphs

All screenshots you see were taken with some form of Macgruber Post Magic LUT and Anti Aliasing along with Supershot- except for the very last one which was just Supershot so you get a better idea of what she looks like without the fluff.

If you find anything that doesnt load, thats broken or find a major issue with the body morphs please let me know.

And have fun with her.
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