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Female V E3 Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyber May Contribution

Looks Female V E3 Cyberpunk 2077 | Cyber May Contribution 2

My contribution for Cyber May!

I think we all fell for the E3 2018 version of V from Cyberpunk, and now she can be in VAM taking down goons who have gone Cyberpsychosis and she can even be your Choom too.

Included is her iconic outfit with amazing help of @mopedlampe on her collar to avoid any kind of deformations, and her E3 underwear outfit that she woke up with (maybe an environment of her apartment will come soon for creating what really happened there ;) ) and an additional cyberpunk underwear too. She also has her hands with the stabilizer upgrade, but you can remove such things if you didn't like it, its all inside her folder.

Her hair is a CUA asset and I also included both her iconic machine pistol and a assault rifle. Both weapons have collisions but I recommend turning them off as if they collided with models it seems to drop some FPS.

This is the start of my Cyberpunk remastered models, as that game was the first one I shared way back in the start of 2021, and this time its gonna be much higher quality on everything and game accurate aswell. See ya later Chooms!

As always link on discord when joining

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Love cyberpunk ... love free!
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well done
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Dude Yess! Always loved the default E3 V even though I made my own custom character! Love it.
Yeah ever since 2018 i was on the VAM discord i said i was waiting for her model to come haha (before i even knew how to port models)
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Hey V, it's time for V aginal XD
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Sweet! nice to see the Cyberpunk77 stuff from you
Thanks! Well theres more coming!
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Well done Solid!
Thank you so much! Worked on this model for months haha, many thanks for those who helped me out along the way.
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