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Eyelid Behavior Editor

Plugins Eyelid Behavior Editor 2

A small plugin that lets you customize some of VAM's built-in eyelid behaviors.

Based on a request from @CuddleMocap.

  1. Add to a Person Atom
  2. Sliders on the left modify blink settings and how the eyelid behaves when the model looks up or down
  3. Selectors on the right can be used to change what morphs are used.
    1. There are 8 separate morphs across 3 dimensions:
      1. Left/Right
      2. Top/Bottom Eyelid
      3. Moving Up/Down
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Added morphs for left and right. Various fixes

    Added logic to allow morphs for eyes looking left and right. These are grouped by 'inward'...

Latest reviews

Great plugin! Can you make it into Session Plugin ?
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Thank you so much for taking my request on making horizontal eyelid morph driving a real thing, you're awesome!
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If I use trigger I can't find three options----create comtrol ;load preset;save preset

if I use timeline and use a tigger to run automatically when open a file
!> Timeline: Atom 'CustomUnityAsset#11#Controllers' does not have a controller 'head1_headControl' maybe the Timeline plug Run automatically first
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Thank you!
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YAAAAAY best day ever! I've been hoping for this plugin for years! Thank you so much for taking my request! :D
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