E-Girl Bedroom

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Incredibly well and highly professional crafted environment. The baked lights allow this to be even used in performance critical settings.
Well done & Thanks a lot!
How do you import into VAM? I would like to pull some of my architecture rooms into VAM. I can export into pretty much any standard 3d format with texures, but haven't found a good tutorial on how to get a room into VAM.
Yes you can do that with some knowledge of unity (2018.1.9f2) , here's a tutorial on exporting to unity properly with materials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcBRHadaMqI , here's a tutorial on light baking, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVkv-hU0TmY and follow this https://youtu.be/FTowJlSHwus?t=54 to export the enviroment to vam.
BLM! Mad props for that alone, and excellent work.
Looking good
Very nice, this added another level to the scene. Need to learn how to do that lighting.
Its been so long since a environment/room this HQ has graced the hub!
One of the best environment assets out there, the lighting is beautiful.
Thanks, looks great!
Your resources are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
That could be my next story. Thanks !
Great environment! Very well done with good attention to detail. Feels like a real space with a chill and positive energy. I would hang out here... I plan to. Thanks for including different lighting options.
Very cool. Now i can pretend to be an an E-Grill myself, thank you.
Political messaging. Nope
I also don't agree with the political message of the room, as im not a leftist. But that being said that whole point of the room is to represent a internet trend which is largely leftist and very liberal.
I love it. More please!
Very good.

One issue, the right arm rest on the chair is broken and things get stuck in it
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