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This is an early version of the plugin, it will go in early access once I had the time to allow physics tweaks and potentially support wearing the leap in the neck. Have fun!

NOTE: Leap Motion is already supported in Virt-A-Mate. You don't need this plugin if you want to use Leap Motion in VR!

IMPORTANT: Leap Motion Gemini driver 5.1+ will not work due to breaking changes; you need version 5.0.0.


1. You need a Leap Motion device:
2. You need the Leap Motion driver. I recommend the Gemini version, it's a developer preview but it's much better than Orion: (the latest version of Gemini, 5.2, will not work)
3. Make sure it works fine, you should have it sitting on your desk, and have the Leap Motion Control Panel running. To validate that it works, open the Leap Motion Control Panel, go to the Troubleshooting tab, open Diagnostic Visualizer. You should see your hands as well as the 3D hand models. If you only see the black and white camera images, it's not tracking correctly. Under Device Status, everything should be green!
4. Launch Virt-A-Mate in Desktop mode.
5. Open the Scene Plugins, Session Plugins or any atom plugin tab, and add the DesktopLeap.cs plugin from the AcidBubbles.DesktopLeap.[version].var.
6. You can choose which hands you want in the main menu's User Preferences, VR 2, VR Hands. Male 1 and Male 2 are fully animated hand models.
7. You can toggle the hands on and off, their collisions and the pinch grab (to move things using a pinch motion) in that same screen. There are shortcuts in the main menu bar too.

If you're not sure whether hands are not showing up because of the plugin, you can see whenever a hand is detected in the plugin's custom UI. You can also adjust the offset to reach further or adjust the in-game tilt of the leap motion.

Leap Motion Gemini Driver 5.2.0

User Ninjared on Discord suggests those steps to use the latest driver (I cannot give any guarantees though)
  1. Uninstall previous versions of Ultraleap.
  2. Make sure that "UltraLeap Tracking SDK" is checked when you install 5.2.0.
  3. Go to your install directory, find LeapSDK > Lib > x64 > "LeapC.dll"
  4. Copy the file to your VAM directory > VaM_Data > "Plugins" folder. (Best to make a backup of the old DLL first.)
  5. Open VAM, everything should be working now.
Sample Videos

Breast fondling:

vaako's big breasted Selene:

Fingers in possession mode:

Using Leap for creative purposes:


Possession example (fingers only) This is using Embody and Timeline 5 for recording.
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This is great for us desktop-only folks and for the first time my hands are in the scene! It of course takes some practice and getting used to controlling the hands with Leap Motion but works pretty well for me. It would be good if the hands were 'softer' next to a person atom so I don't hurt the poor girl. Thanks!! PS as soon as I read about this tool I went and bought a Leap so they should thank you AB ; )
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
The hands physics is not me, it's VaM (it's exactly the same in VR) and it was one of the things I wanted to improve before making a general release... but I eventually decided to let people at least use it as it is and got it out of alpha for everyone! If I get back to this someday the thing I'd like to improve is exactly this, to get high spring but lower force.
Effectively fills a niche and impressive gap in *non-VR* accessibility. The added ability to control the sensitivity of translation or rotation would make this even better. Currently the leap motion doesn't seem to perform well with more extreme angled hand orientations or if you stray a little too far from the leap sensor. This could further simulate a greater range of motion.

(For example: if my hand moves an inch, the displayed leap hand moves 4 inches instead of 1; if my hand rotates 10 degrees, the displayed leap hand rotates 26 degrees instead of 10; Translation x4, Rotation x2.6)
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Thanks, and yeah there was quite a few things I wanted to improve, such as the strength of the hands so hand contact is less... aggressive! I plan on coming back to this plugin and make a few improvements after Timeline 5 :D
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