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Guides Creating Prefabs in unity

MacGruber has a brilliant guide about assetbundles , including creating prefabs.

I have done this as simple 4 step by step guide to creating Prefabs

thanks to Hazmhox for the feedback, drag and drop the folder instead of the prefabs individually. By using a folder, it is extremely easy to update the package because you know that you only have a folder to drop. If you start to take a prefab here and there, this is the perfect way to update a package and forget a few things .

i have updated the process

First is about the X Y Z (0/0/0) position

When loading this later in VaM, we want our assets to appear right where the CustomUnityAsset atom is located. Here in Unity that position is 0/0/0. Therefore, we need to position our asset in the scene in the same way we want it located later in VaM in relation to 0/0/0. It can help sometimes to add a little helper object in the scene and position it at 0/0/0 to figure out where something needs to go. In this particular case the mesh is already nicely aligned, we can just move the ottoman back to 0/0/0. No worries about both being inside of each other. Inside VaM these will be separate objects.

but in my case my building and door is offset in the y position so i have to set it to 1 to be at floor level with the grid


Creating Prefabs

1 Step
Step 1.png

Step 2
step 2_1.png

Step 3
step 3.png

Step 4

MaGruber covers a tutorial in building the assetbundle

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Super explained !
Thanks Frief , most appreciated
Nice for beginners using Unity :)
thank you , yeah it was the intention to help new creators with assetbundles that didn't seem to use prefabs or not no how , i`m still learning too :)
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