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Controller Adjust

Plugins Controller Adjust 6

A small plugin that lets you move the anchor point between the controller and body.

The intended use is to help with mocap, where it'll allow the mocap tracker and VAM controller to be aligned to the same part of the body.

It can help with general animation as well, like if you want the hand controller to track the palms rather than the wrists.

Thanks to @VamTimbo for the idea.
First release
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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Improvements for model behavior on adjust

    The body should hold more still when adjusting the controllers. Still not perfect, but seems...
  2. Minor fix

    Found a nicer way to apply rotation offsets.
  3. Minor fix

    Y and Z rotation now applies a negative offset on the symmetric controller.

Latest reviews

Been looking for something like this. Always wondered why the Person atom's anchor point can be moved, but not everything else.

Currently not all controllers are included it seems, but it's enough for me to play around with.
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I have a feeling this might become one of the most consequential, yet most overlooked plugins ever - combined with the 'rails' plugin, the possibilities of VaM-animation workflow just exploded ...
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Thank you for all your great plugins. Like your other work, this one can be very useful in so many ways!
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