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Collecting the rent

Scenes Collecting the rent 2023-11-17

Short story with Sarai and Old man

During the holidays, Sarai helped his uncle collect the rents of the apartments, arriving at an apartment in the center of Vamcity. Sarai had to collect rent from a tenant who had not paid for three months. Sarai rang the doorbell several times, but no one answered. So he decided to enter with a key given to his uncle.

Sarai entered the bedroom. There he found the tenant lying on the couch. ....



Credits and thanks to:
AcidBubbles.Embody.58 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-embody
AcidBubbles.Timeline.283 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-timeline
hazmhox.fluids101.11 By: hazmhox License: CC BY-SA
hazmhox.vammoan.22 By: hazmhox License: CC BY-SA
hazmhox.vamoverlays.6 By: hazmhox License: CC BY-SA
Hunting-Succubus.Enhanced_Eyes.latest By: Hunting-Succubus License: CC BY-NC Link: https://www.patreon.com/HunTingSuccuBus
Ivam.Ashleys_Apartment.latest By: Ivam License: CC BY
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kemenate.Male_Hairstyles.latest By: kemenate License: FC Link: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/male-hairstyles-pack-01.198/
MacGruber.Life.13 By: MacGruber License: CC BY-SA Link: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/life.165/
MeshedVR.PresetsPack.latest By: MeshedVR License: CC BY
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Skippy.Skippys_CumClothing.latest By: Skippy License: CC BY-NC
Spacedog.Skyboxes.latest By: Spacedog License: CC BY-NC Link: https://www.patreon.com/spacedogvam
Vinput.AutoThruster.16 By: Vinput License: CC BY-SA
YameteOuji.Blouse_003OffShoulder.latest By: YameteOuji License: CC BY-NC Link: https://yameteouji.wixsite.com/store
YameteOuji.Neck_ChokerLaceA.latest By: YameteOuji License: CC BY Link: https://yameteouji.wixsite.com/store
jackaroo for base male skin

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Cool scene.Can be even better with some pose select and speed slider
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