Paid Plugins BrowserAssist 1.15.3

No lie, this plugin is awesome. I used the free version for a bit and after figuring out how to use it effectivly, I can't imagine ever going back to the standard browser. The combination with the update VAM did and using this, just regular things I do all the time are sooo much faster and easier. I love this. Keep up the good work.
five star when u help to put CUA browser.because vam default CUA so slow load my asset cua.
I've been looking for a way to see appearances and scenes that may be wrapped up in VAR files downloaded to the addon packages folder. This browser appears to be bringing all scenes and appearances forward making it much easier to organize my content. Big thumbs up!!!!
Been a while since my last rating - and there's a lot of additional features being added almost weekly.

* Compatibility with Varmanagers/TagPersistence even for deleted/removed vars.
* Ability to "dock" the BA GUI to the VaM-GUI <- it's hard to explain, but this is one of the best QoL ideas ever.
* Increasing integration with UIAssist
* 1001 small QoL-fixes & bugfixes (JJW is one of the most professional devs wrt bugfixes - most bugreports get a reply within a day & a fix within a fortnite)

Yes, you need this. Shaddap! You. Need. This.
Love this plugin. It has made VaM so much more enjoyable. It's fast, with many useful features, and a great alternative to just using the standard built in Browser. mlbloom (AKA EdgyCuss)
I won't even attempt to explain how much better it is than the OEM VAM UI, just try it. Your welcome. - Jay, thanks for another homerun.
This is awesome and so much faster / easier to use then the normal way of doing things. Thanks!
incredibly useful (in fact I was not trusting a lot of things till now, not after I was meeting so a lot of crap plugins in vam bazar since vam was still toddler years ago).

you merit a 100% platin admiration for the work you do
awesome !!! game changer, thanks !
love this plugin .. thx bro
i can make a grop and hide wht i dont want to show.
suport this author !!
Can't stress enough how essential JJW's plugins are for me - both BrowserAssist & UIAssist are increasingly replacing VaM's native interface in my workflow.

They're faster, more versatile, A LOT more "human-friendly" to use, vastly customizeable, better search-functions ...

... if you've been annoyed beyond mere frustration by VaM's laggy, rigid, inflexible, feature-deprived native interface, then you need this.

If you don't think you need this, you're either not using VaM (though you might think you do), or you've become "numb to the pain" of using VaM's interface.

UIAssist was already very good, but Browser-Assist's development has quite simply been astonishing to behold - new features are added basically every fortnite, bugs are sorted out quicklly and JJW is quick to react to & incorporate feature-request.

Just over the last three weeks, I've watched a single feature request turn into what is basically a separate additional filemanager for local files (with treeview!!!) that represents local files both "flattened" AND within their actual location on disk. I'm still discovering just how many ways this supports my workflow.
I have used UI assist for ages. SOOOO why the heck did I wait so long to use this browser assist lol. Well done.
This is incredible. I subscribed to this creator for the UI assist plugin, which is great, but this is the next level. It's many steps ahead of the built in scene browser and browses almost everything else just as well too!
Thanks Jay! Much needed plugin. I was wondering - does this allow me to scroll the menu using the Quest thumbsticks? This is sorely missing from the VAM out of the box user interface.
Thanks for the review. I think the scrolling issue is something you should be able to setup in Steam Bindings. Try reaching out on the Help channel on Discord if you are still having issues. I'm sure other Quest users will be able to guide you.
I love this plugin!!!! It solved a number of headaches I had with VAM. In the past, I categorize my scene by using characters to organize them. for example I used @ to represent Blow Jobs. Then to find the BJ scenes I had to do a search for @. I know this sound tedious but being new to VAM, this was my solution. The Plugin organization puts the icing on the cake for me. Thanks for an incredible and in my opinion essential plugin.
Corrected to 5 stars because of my blindness ;)
Awesome quality work!
Jay Jay killed it here, one of my favorite plugins. I use with UI Assist and almost avoid the vam menus completely
Another hit out of the park for a JayJayWon plugin! High usability and re-usability. Select mode = Instant is now the go to way for me to peruse presets and the tagging ability was sorely needed in VaM. Docking it to the left and pair it with some custom UIAssist menus and custom keybinds and you are good to go!
I knew this plugin organised content so I can easily filter scenes, appearances, poses etc. but I didn't realise you can load an appearance preset, apply a pose preset, change clothing all in one interface. It really is the best way to organise VAM content.
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