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Fixed a bug that was introduced in the last version which placed a thick blue bar over the filters UI preventing it being usable.
New Features:
  • New option to toggle the resource names on the main resource browser to be visible, allowing more resources to be visible on one screen page.
  • Combi-tags now allow filtering based on Resource name and path. Options to filter on whether the resource name/path contains or starts with a specified string.
  • Target person atoms will now be auto selected based on the Gender tag for relevant resource types (e.g. selecting an Appearance preset tagged as Male will auto select an existing male Person Atom as the target atom). Behaviour can be switched off in the plugin UI.
  • Scene or Session targets will now be auto selected based on the Plugin Type tag for Plugin resource types. Behaviour can be switched off in the plugin UI for Plugin Resource Settings.
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved bug that was showing the Quick Filters when selecting a specific resource type from UIAssist
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing new thumbnail images being captured for local clothing items.
New Features:
  • PATREONS ONLY: New options to import CustomUnityAsset (CUA) atoms with Appearances from Scenes (activate in Preset Options - see screenshot). Allows Person looks that depend on CUAs for hair, clothing and accessories to be fully loaded from the a source scene onto any Person in any scene - without being dependent on the CUAManager plugin.
CUA Look Import.jpg

  • Quick Filter buttons can now be customised to different colors
  • New quick toggle to sort the order of Creators in the filter dropdown between alphabetical and numerical count of resources.
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved bug that caused errors when saving scenes using BA.
  • Resolved a bug in VR which had the local folder browser misplaced in front of the main BA UI in some circumstances.
Updated to support latest integration with UIAssist v2.18
New Features:
  • New powerful Combi-Tag options allow complex, logic based, auto tagging - using new criteria such as Package License, Creator Name, Local folder location, VAR package folder location, created and updated dates. Allows combining resource organisation approaches of Tagging and Folder locations (amongst many other use cases).
  • New combi-tag options can also be access in the main BA window direct from the Filters panel. (PATREONS ONLY)
  • Improvements to performance when browsing Clothing items
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a UI bug that caused the Import tab to overlay other Action tabs
  • Fixed the Resource Name filter to use the Alias field when using "Contains (Full Path)" search mode.
New Features:
  • Quick Filter Buttons - new powerful feature that allows multiple Filter settings to be saved and recalled through a new top panel in the browser containing configurable Quick Filter Buttons.
  • Additional option to include Mocap data when importing a General Preset from a Scene atom.
  • Performance improvements
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Saving Presets directly from Scenes (as part of Scene Import feature), where the source atom was inside a Subscene
New Features:
  • Support for Session and Scene Plugin Preset resources
  • Option in plugin setting to enable Plugins referenced from plugins with .csList file extensions. By default, any .cs plugins that are referenced from a .csList file are not separately visible in BrowserAssist. In most cases this is valid as the .cs plugins are only meant to be run in combination with all the files referenced in the .csList - however there are some exceptions.
  • The M key now hides the BrowserAssist window in desktop mode.
  • Additional button on the Clothing Items browser to open the VAM Clothing item UI (visible when a clothing item is active on the target person). This can also be done by clicking the resource name in the selection list of BrowserAssist.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing Timeline plugins being imported from Scenes as part of a plugin preset import.
  • Fixed a bug related to Saving Presets from a Scene Import related to SELF var references.
  • Fixed a bug with Clothing Preset loads that occurred in relation to SELF var references.
  • Made some improvements to hopefully eliminate the inconsistent UI glitch that sometimes causes the Action UI to become overlayed with other screens.
New Features:
  • (PATREONS ONLY) Import Mocaps direct from Scene files without loading the scene.
  • Additional Acidbubbles Keybindings for paging through resource results
  • Improvements to the default preset naming when saving presets directly from scenes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with moving resources to a folder with duplicate filenames
  • Fixed a bug where Desktop Scale setting was not persisted between plugin restarts
  • Resolved an issue with the text cursor not being visible in some fields
New Features:
  • Import Person Presets (e.g. Appearance, Clothing etc) direct from a scene
  • Import Atom Presets (e.g. CUA Preset) direct from a scene.
  • Create new atoms as copies of atoms from a Scene without opening the scene.
  • Save Presets directly from Scenes. Similar to importing, but now users can create new Person and Atom Presets directly from a Scene without loading the Scene.
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing CUA atoms being created when browsing CUA resource types
New Features:
  • New Backups feature to quickly backup and restore BA meta data such as Tags
  • New Reset feature to reset BrowserAssist
  • Added Remove All Clothing button on the Clothing Presets action tab
  • Added Load Defaults button to the Clothing Items action tab
  • Added features to create a default Appearance Preset name when saving based on source scene Atom name or the current preset name
  • Added support for Tag names to include other non alpha numeric characters (except a comma)
Bug Fixes:
  • Resolved issues where side Tags panel was partially appearing when right aligned and other scenarios
  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicate local resources after a folder move operation
  • Resolved an issue where shift, control and alt keys were triggering the multi select functionality undesirably. The keys will only now activate multi select when the pointer is over the resource thumbnails.
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