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This version provides an alternative browser to the Clothing items browser in VAM. It allows browsing of hundreds of clothing items on a single page (compared to the 10 items per page in VAM). Tagging can be applied to multiple clothing items simultaneously. Supports the Favourite flag (not available in VAM browser).

Note that Clothing Tags are synced between VAM and BrowserAssist, but there are some limitations. Tag changes in VAM can be synced be using the Refresh button in BrowserAssist (or on a BrowserAssist restart). Tag changes in BrowserAssist are only synced to VAM when VAM is restarted. If tag changes are made in VAM before a sync is performed they may overwrite Tag changes that have been made in BrowserAssist for a given clothing item. To avoid conflicts, its advised that you either use BrowserAssist or VAM for clothing tag changes in a given VAM session.
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New Features:
  • Clothing Item browser - browse, tag and activate male and female clothing items. Complete alternative to the limited VAM Clothing browser.
  • Additional Tagging window. Optional side bar can now be opened allowing a larger list of Tags to be selected from, when applying Tags to resources. Can be opened using the '<' button in the top right corner of the Tags action tab.
Bug fix/Tweaks:
  • When using the random load features, the randomly loaded resource will become the primary selected resource.
  • Merge load setting is persisted by resource type rather than globally.
This version provides a number of features related to the 'Real Clothing' toggle that was introduced in VAM 1.21 recently. In this lastest version of VAM, every clothing item now has a toggle (on the standard VAM clothing Adjustments page) to indicate if the clothing item is "Real". By default every clothing item is set to be "Real". The intention of the toggle is to differentiate clothing items that are not real such as Hunting-Succubus' Eye Shading clothing items. These items (although implemented as VAM clothing items) are features of the persons anatomy rather than a worn clothing item. The only use of this differentiation that Meshed has implemented appears to be the option in the Clothing browser to "Remove All Real Clothing". This version of UIAssist extends that principle to a number of additional functions.

Note that the VAM 'Real Clothing' toggle is only persisted when a piece of clothing is first created or it is subsequently modified and then saved in a scene or a preset.

New Features:
  • Save Presets and Scenes directly from BrowserAssist UI. Options to do instant saving with unique filename. For preset saving, there are options to not capture a new screenshot for the thumbnail. Tags
  • Introduced an 'Only Suppress Real Clothing' toggle as part of the Appearance Preset Load operation. This will mean that any non real clothing items are loaded as part of an appearance preset load - even when other real clothing items are suppressed.
  • Introduced an 'Only replace Real Clothing' toggle as part of the Clothing Preset Load operation. This means that non real clothing items on the current target person are kept when a new Clothing Preset is loaded.
  • Built in tags (e.g. gender tags) can now be set as 'Preferred' allowing them to be listed at the top of filter drop downs.
Bug fix/Tweaks:
  • Fixed a few issues in VR where the Hide/Favorite/New toggles for a resource incorrectly appeared.
New Features:
  • Introduced support for SubScenes as a new resource type (Patreons only).
  • Added the ability to set Tags as 'Preferred Tags' in the PluginUI settings. Preferred tags will be listed at the top of the Tags filter drop downs.
  • Usability improvements to the Tags tab for resources. Includes the ability to expand the tag window area to show more tags without scrolling.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed issue with Desktop Scaling not persisting between BrowserAssist restarts
  • Fixed issue that was causing BrowserAssist to not load if a legacy meta data folder was detected
  • Fixed issue that was causing users Tag data to be periodically lost for local resources
I'd strongly advise BrowserAssist users to backup their Tags meta data from time to time. See here for details on how to do that.
  • (PATRONS ONLY) Introduced additional Preset Resource Types for all non-Person Atoms e.g. CUAs, Lights, Empty, AnimationPatterns etc.
  • Each Resource Type can now be optionally concealed - allowing the removal of any resource types that are not used from the Resource Type dropdowns.
  • Minor improvement to the scrolling of the tags window - it no longer resets every time a resource is selected.
New features:
  • The number of selected resources is now shown on the resource browser window
  • Supports seamless switching between UIAssist & BA when both are attached to the VAM UI (requires UIAssist v2.10).
New features:
  • Option (in plugin setting) for Tag data (and other meta data) of Packaged resources to be maintained even when the containing VAR is missing. This is intended to support VARManager plugins which remove VARs temporarily and then re-instate them later. Manual deletion of VARs using the BrowserAssist delete function will purge meta data, even if this setting is enabled.
  • BrowserAssist now reads the created and modified dates of files directly which give a mores accurate sorting of files by New and Updated dates. This is particularly useful for non-packaged (i.e. Local) files.
  • VAR Content rescans can be manually triggered from the Info page of each resource or from the Plugin UI under General Settings. This is different to the normal scan performed on startup (or the top right button on the filters). The normal scans do not check for changed VAR content. For the most part VARs are considered to be immutable (i.e. cant change) but its possible for users to unpack VARs and add or remove resources. Where this occurs, a manual content rescan needs to be triggered.
  • Adds the ability to adjust BrowserAssist Desktop Scale using a UIAssist button.
  • Implements additional support for integration with UIAssist
  • Option to bulk delete multiple resources. This feature needs to be enabled in the plugin UI first. When enabled, an additional 'Delete All' button will become available on the Action tab when multiple resources are selected. Requires the SymLinks bat file to be run (see warnings and instructions on VAMHub pages).
  • Includes functionality to provide an integration with UIAssist (and potentially other plugins in the future).
New Features:
  • PATREONS ONLY: Filtering by multiple tag combinations can now be applied on the main resource Browser.

BA Tag Filters2.jpg

  • Creators filter now sorts the list of creators by the quantity of resources so the most prolific creators are listed first. An option in the Plugin Settings UI allows switching back to alphabetical order. Some performance improvements to this drop down were also implemented.
Bug fixes:
  • In VR, BA now handles World scale adjustments so it doesnt impact the Browser Assist UI.
  • Further refinements to the Symbolic Links batch files. This now avoids a recursive folder structure. Run the CreateSymLinks.bat file after running the new version of BA to apply the changes.
  • CombiTag deletion and renames were not always being persisted between plugin reloads
  • Change the Creator names sort order to alphabetical was not being persisted between plugin reloads
New Features:
  • Existing tags can now be renamed and deleted from the Plugin UI
  • Tags can be configured as 'Hide' tags - any resources marked with that tag will be treated as if they are hidden.
  • New Combi-tags feature. Combi-Tags apply themselves to resources based on a combination of other tags, allowing automatic tagging of resources based on user specified criteria. Combi-tags can also reference other combi-tags allowing nested logic criteria to be specified.
  • Extensive help is now embedded into the plugin UI giving guidance on the various setting configurations.
Bug fixes:
  • Updated the CreateSymLinks batch file to work when right clicking to 'Run as Administrator' in windows explorer.

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