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Plugins BrowserAssist (Free) 1.15.3

many thanks.
wow! this clothing browser update is amazing, we would all be so grateful about this!

May I know is there any feature that we can browse asset when adding it to CUA?
Browsing of CUA Asset Bundles will be in a future version
This is simply an upgraded replacement to the existing file browser which makes it a "must-have" in my opinion. The only downside is that it doesn't yet "save" (at least not the free version), so you can only load (and copy and delete and rename) existing files.
I also wanted to give a shout-out to the creator JayJayWon for taking some time to help me troubleshoot the plugin when it wasn't showing up.
You can save files in the free version. You need to follow the installation instructions to enable the SymLinks functionality first.
Note! This is not a web browser plugin!
It is an awesome plugin for browsing scenes and assets in VAM.

I put off getting this plugin because based on the name I thought it replaces the built-in VAM web browser, which I don't use that much. But this is way more useful! Only criticism for this plugin: change the name.
Does anyone know why I can't find a delete option? My install looks perfect and fine except no delete option
You need to carefully follow the installation instructions (specifically step 5). Probably best to ask questions on the Discussion tab (or Discord) rather than in reviews.
Absolute musthave!
Lighning fast compared to stock interface.
Great plugin. I think the next gamechanger would be to import the look directly from the scenes.
That should be in a future release - although it’ll probably be in the Patreons version.
JJW supports the shi* out of this plugin far beyond what you'd expect for even a paid plugin! Thank you JJW
5 stars
Excellent, it was a nightmare to wait 15 seconds to each click on the original interface. Well done, another game changer.
Good plugin. Needs sort by date and its 5 stars.
The plugin does have a sort by date feature, its under Order By as Catalogued date. It works a bit different to the VAM sort as it orders by the date the resource was first scanned by BrowserAssist rather than the file date.
So much time saving ! Thank you !
I will never go back browsing scenes with the native open scene browser again (after doing a few tweaks to the search algorithm for my personal use only). The performance is way better. On my computer this may be around 20-50x the speed just to open the browser and the framerate doesn't drop down into single digits.
Nice plugin, but it only shows appearance presets and does not have the option to load looks from /saves/Person/appearance location.
Those are legacy Looks and have been not recommended by Meshed for over 2 years now. I'll add support for it in a later release.
I would say that it is ridiculous how independent developer shows VAM creators how things should be done...
Faster and with more sense than default VAM's browser.
But please change the icon ;)
I like:
+clear instructions
+clever workaround for VaM restrictions with the users consent and warning about security risks with easy to use batch-script
+resizable icons
+ability to keep the browser open and look at a scene at the same time
+rescan button directly where it's needed
+seems faster than the default browser
+compact, does not waste screen space
+user defined tags

don't like:
-a unavoidable security risk IF the symbolic links are used to be able to *hide* and *favorite* scenes. May become a problem if it's popular widely used Plugin. Worst case: troll-Plugin deletes all your data in the Custom-, Saves- or AddonPackagesFilePrefs- folders. Annoying, but doing anything outside of these folders should not be possible. Using this is optional. You can still *hide* and *favorite* via the standard browser to be safe.
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