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Bokeh 101

Assets Bokeh 101 1

A set of customizable particles dedicated to create bokeh visual effects with CUA (Custom Unity Asset)


Inside the package you will find a single asset to load on a Custom Unity Asset atom, two scripts, a few subscenes and two demo scenes.

The CUA contains two variations of the bokeh effect, a circle (that draws a big wall of bokeh in a circle). And a line, that draws a long line to create perspective effects.

How to use

The easy way
  • Create a new subscene atom
  • Load a subscene of your choosing from the package
  • Select the CUA in the subscene and open the custom UI to tweak its appearance.
The hard way
  • Create a CUA
  • Load the assetbundle from the package
  • In the plugin tab, add the correct script from the package (bokeh_circle_editor for bokeh_circle asset, bokeh_line_editor for bokeh_line asset).
The editor looks like this... you just have to play with the controls and tweak to your liking. There are 12 types of bokeh shapes, some being clear or blurry or even blurrier versions for a total of 32 variations.


Additional information and tips

  • This is a static particle system (not animated), dedicated to virtual photography... but you may come up with clever / creative usage for a VR scene.
  • This goes really great with PostMagic
  • If you need a "more realtime version" of this kind of effects for a scene, I would suggest Dust 101 v2 which is animated.
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