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Beginner Intro to Creating Custom Textures/Skins

Guides Beginner Intro to Creating Custom Textures/Skins 1

  1. Rundown of texture types
  2. Where to start when creating a new skin
  3. The two major challenges - seams and color matching
  4. Demo: Using frequency separation in GIMP to color match a new feature:
    • Duplicate layer
    • Gaussian blur the duplicate until all desired details are lost
    • Set blurred layer mode to Grain Extract
    • Create New Layer from Visible; set that new layer to Grain Merge mode,
      and return the blurred duplicate mode to Normal
There's so much to know about texture creation that I didn't include here - file management; how to best use FaceGen; how to create spec, gloss, and normal maps with GIMP or Photoshop; choosing reference materials; what edits turn a photo into a good texture in VAM; 3D/2D editing workflow... the list goes on. Keep an eye out for Part 2 next to cover some of these more in-depth topics.
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even when it´s difficult to follow for a german speaking, but I have learned a lot of worthful things about GIMP. Many thanks :-)
Very glad to hear! I'm sorry I'm not clearer at speaking English, myself. 😅
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Thank you for all your awesome art and support info
Very welcome, thanks for saying!
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Thank you very much, this guide answered a lot of my question about texture creation.
Awesome, glad to hear it!! Thanks for the review!
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