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This is the most excellent autothruster pluging out there... I tried everything else, this is the very best.
Works great
Your plugin is the easiest and most reliable utility. great stuff!
I'm trying to understand how i survived without this plugin.
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Love, love, love this plug-in. Thanks a ton!
incredible plug-in.
Awesome plugin! Keep up the great work!
I have to update my rating: this IS the best plugin ever made! No doubt about it! Period!
This is the easiest tool to use for setting up sex scenes. The results are amazingly realistic. You can also use it to make simple dance motions.
I tried it and it was a god plugin. Thank you!
how to change moans, also with plugin, how what's the name of it?
Works perfectly. And saves a ton of time and effort setting up animations. I stick AutoThruster on all my repetitively moving parts and then change the parameters via AnimationPoser to fit with my overall scene animation.
Thank you, works great!
I've gotten so much good use out of this plugin that it's kind of insane. Thanks for this, Vinput!
Wonderful plugin...thank you!!
great plugin. very useful. thanks.
One of the best plugins ever! It's so easy to use, yet so powerful.
must have plugin
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