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This resource is a handful of scenes designed to teach you how to use haremlife's AnimationPoser. This is very much a work in progress and is currently quite minimal. So far, there are only tutorials for:
1. The basics: what is animationposer? How do I get started with the least amount of info possible?
2. Transition probabilities
3. Messages and Zero-Probability Transitions
4. Avoids
5. Syncing Layers

I will make more in the future but today this is all I had time for.
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Latest updates

  1. Tutorials 4 and 5

    - Added two tutorials: #4: Avoids #5: Syncing Layers - Rolled back the AnimationPoser...
  2. Tutorial 3

    Added a third tutorial on Messages and added a bit more to tutorial 1 on how to create a state.

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Thank you for this. Indeed very needed and useful. Looking forward to the rest!
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