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Wiki History

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  • The original r/VirtAMate/wiki/ was started by user /u/pirmx at the inception of VAM in July of 2017. Pirmx built the wiki and created the initial set of pages with basic tutorials to get the users started.

    After his coverage of the 1.0 release, RossNutKinChan, u/NutkinChan, did extensive work to update the wiki to Version 1.4. This work included self created tutorials, the addition of many pages of content, and the inclusion of work written by and video tutorials created by user /u/JustLookingForNothin. This work continued into V1.5 of VaM.

    In Fall of 2019 TomahawkJackson and AKPlayz continued to contribute to the r/VirtAMate/wiki/.

    All of the effort that they have provided has been an enormous asset to the Virt-a-Mate community and I hope I carried that flag into these official VaM wiki pages.

    The Official Wiki is drawn from the wonderful content provided by our fans and supplemented with the knowledge I’ve learned along the way working with MeshedVR. I did my best to link to or integrate the quality guides that I have seen across the community adding tutorials and resources as needed. I purposely formatted the wiki to be as plain spoken as possible including images of the buttons and written text describing each function. Ideally this will work well when used with Google translate making it easier for non-English speakers to play in the sandbox that is VaM.

    The Official Virt-a-Mate wiki went live June 11th 2021. Please feel free to contact me on the Hub or on Discord if you have any suggestions, corrections or contributions that you would like to add to this wiki. It is intended to be a community driven project and I welcome any and all helpful contributions.

    Thank you,
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