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About Virt-a-Mate

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    Virt-A-Mate is our first project. It is an adults-only VR sex simulator sandbox game. The goal of the project was to make advanced interactive characters using a combination of realistic joint physics, soft body physics, skin-accurate collisions, and advanced rendering techniques. The characters can come alive by capturing and storing motion capture from off-the-shelf VR equipment like the Vive or Oculus controllers and trackers. The characters will react to your movements or objects you control in a realistic manner.

    Virt-A-Mate in its current state is meant as a creative tool for making adult content, with plenty of ready-to-use fan created content available from our active community on the official Discord server (you have the option to connect to Discord server after backing) or our official VaM Hub site.

    Virt-A-Mate includes a desktop mode for those without VR equipment. A lot of users use desktop mode to create a significant portion of a scene and then use VR mode to experience their creation.

    One thing about Virt-a-mate that isn’t like other games is that it was developed as a live product. Consequently it has a lot of legacy systems that worked well at one time during its development that had since been replaced or done better in another area of the game. For example some of our older prop atoms do not have the same depth of functionality as our newer prop atoms. The reason for this is that it was important to us to not make changes to older content and systems that would break scenes that users had already created. The wiki will point out these systems and make note of what the best work flow is.

    Minimum specs to run VaM on desktop are: DX11-capable graphics card with 4GB memory. 16GB Main memory recommended.
    Minimum for VR: Mid-to-high-end CPU (the higher the better to prevent frame drops). 1080Ti GPU or better. 16GB main memory or more.

    VaM EULA

    Current Release Notes: To Present.
    Patreon Release Notes: 1.0.1 to 1.12
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