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VaM Staff

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    @meshedvr - Developer, owner of VAM
    MeshedVR, the bossman, the legend, the head honcho. Meshed is the head and heart of VAM, and we have him to thank for its existence. He spends most of his time in his cave, working hard on all sorts of secret things.


    @VaMDeV - Developer, Moderator
    Next up on our dev team is VaMDeV.
    He wouldn't tell Rainey any of his secrets so this is what his bio looks like.
    Editor's note: being a generalist, I generally try to support Meshed and the team as best I can.


    @VaMRainey - Community Manager, Social Media Wizard, Moderator
    Rainey is the one working hard on events, contests, and sharing all the community-made content on external sites like Twitter and DeviantArt to make sure the world knows how talented this community is.


    @Captain Varghoss - Moderator
    Captain is responsible for many of the tutorials that VAM newbies click on after logging into VAM and not knowing where to start.
    He is active on Discord and you can often find him chatting with folks in the Help channel when people get stuck.


    @DJ - Moderator
    DJ is one of our most active moderators, often found chatting in most of the many channels in the official VAM Discord.
    He is happy to answer questions and help out!


    @WadeVRX - Moderator
    Wade is most often seen hanging around the Screenshots channel in our discord with nice things to say!

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