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  • VaM File Types.

    The basic scene file for VaM is the .json file. Also used for Subscenes

    Legacy compiled scene files. These are not commonly used anymore. Originally the scene file when packaged into a "vac" for sharing would compress the assets into one file that would be opened from the scene folder. When opened the file would unzip and create a tree folder within that location so that the assets could be accessed by VaM. After closing the scene those specific assets would not be accessible normally unless copied into the appropriate folder.

    Unity compiled assets
    "How to create a Var File" Guide created by JoyBoy.

    addonPackage files

    .vmb and .vmi. Also .dsf
    Compressed morphs

    .vab, .vaj, and .vam
    Custom Hairstyle and clothing files

    Preset reference, location depends on what the preset is for.

    Favorite file references, location depends on what is favorited

    Custom Script file
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