Atom Geometry Choices

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  • Geometry Choices

    Geometry Choices were added with VaM’s Cyberpunk update Consequently only these few props make use of this new functionality. When a geometry option is chosen the material options will dynamically update to reflect the props current state.


    Gives you options to hide/unhide the bed frame, mattress, and sheet. As well as options for left/right placement or hiding of the pillows.


    Can hide/unhide the Computer, individual monitors, or cables. As well as an option to have the computer or monitors centered over the control node for individual placement.


    Options for orientating the Control Screen and Wall Mount left, right or centered. Or to display the Control Screen on it’s own centered and level over the Atom Control node.


    Options for hiding either the Dresser or the Towel including their collision.


    Options for the laptop to be either Open or Closed.


    Options for orientating the prop for left or right handed use or portrait mode.
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