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  1. 12 Swimsuit presets (Paid version)

    Paid Clothing 12 Swimsuit presets (Paid version) 1

    12 swimsuit presets: Love, Palms, Parrot, Acquatic, Tongue, Unicorn, Vintage,Flowers and Melons CREDITS Tanklover.Swimsuit_Pack.latest By: Tanklover License: CC BY BONOBO
  2. Cum on Tongue 02

    Paid Clothing Cum on Tongue 02 2023-10-14

    "Put all your cum on my mouth." It's also using Cum on Hands 01A. CREDIT [Hairstyles]BOB UJ by UJVAM[CC BY] [Hairstyles]MAEGAMI BOB by UJVAM[CC BY] [Looks]YOSHINO by UJVAM[CC BY]
  3. Mouth Upgrader

    Textures Mouth Upgrader 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    With the click of a button you can upgrade your model's Mouth Materials, Tongue Materials and Teeth Materials and give her a much prettier smile. Choose between 7 different full mouth texture styles that use VAMJFD's amazing full mouth textures. Quickly load the default, a lighter version of the...
  4. Cum on Tongue 01

    Paid Clothing Cum on Tongue 01 2023-03-29

    She shows thick cum on tongue after blowjobs. It's difficult to make vam clothing on tongue, but finally I did it. this package includes cum drool in mouth. Hope you like it! CREDIT [Clothing]Layered Makeup EyeShadow by tolborg[CC BY] [Clothing]Layered Makeup EyeLiner by tolborg[CC BY]...
  5. Slut's Cock Play Part 1 ~Rental Cock Club~

    Paid Scenes Slut's Cock Play Part 1 ~Rental Cock Club~ 1.0

    Uncensore in this scene. English subtitles available in this scene. This is the scene data for VR and Desktop that was taken by mo-capture while actually playing. Simultaneously recorded audio is included. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. 1669493011.jpg


  7. L

    Tongue piercing(clothing) Request for Male/futa

    Hey! anyone up for the the task? A simpel Metallic dumbell version and/or a sphere that goes on Male/futa tongue. Pic 1: reference for piercing from tip lenght. Pic 2: reference for piercing length through tongue (if possible). pic 3: if doable this would be awesome. It would also be nice if it...
  8. Tongue Twister - Pond Pounding

    Paid Scenes Tongue Twister - Pond Pounding 2.0

    As of now this version and the free version are the same! Mackenzie looks kinda different, don't you think? With this scene I tried myself on something a bit more fantasy than my usual stuff, although I have to give credit where credit is due, it was greatly inspired by this dreamy...
  9. FullMouthTexture

    Textures FullMouthTexture 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    This is a replacement for my initial mouth texture map which I shared in 2020 (https://discord.com/channels/363274293112602636/647848861712252963/720248106372956271) and on the Hub in Dec21. I now put all the textures in one file for the mouth, teeth, tongue. Big thank you to @RenVR for letting...
  10. Tongue drips textures FULL SET

    Textures Tongue drips textures FULL SET 2022-05-24 Hub-Hosted VAR Questionable

    5 set of textures for tongue.
  11. TongueControl

    Plugins TongueControl 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Moving the tongue directly using the pose morphs can be a pain because when you move something you have to compensate it elsewhere to avoid glitches. This plugin aims to provide simpler controls to manipulate it by automatically compensate problematic moves. All the sliders can be animated using...
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