1. Nightingale69

    Paid Looks Yasya 2022-06-08

  2. Theuf

    Looks Hannah 2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Hannah is a Russian top super model, she is 5'11'' 180cm. Model comes naked with the hair and skin only. + Hairstyle of my own. FC on HUB Thanks to Riddler, for the Skin: Thanks to...
  3. boyavam

    Looks Viky Odintkof 2022-01-27 CC BY-NC

    My first ever free look, this look is inspired by Instagram famous Russian model. Credit: Skin Texture: RenVR Hair: ddaamm Morph: KarmageddonVAM Color tone : Tiseb Morph: Kemenate...
  4. pogdaddy

    Looks Vaska & Lilia - Russian Sisters | 2 New Looks + 1 Animated Scene 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    A double feature! 2 looks for the price of 1! Includes an original animated threesome scene~ This is my most ambitious release to date, easily. I worked hard to make sure they looked like sisters but different enough that it felt like 2 separate looks. Hopefully I pulled it off! The scene was...
  5. SCAMP

    Paid Looks SCAMP's Busty Babes 5: Larissa 1.0

    Larissa, 32, from Arkhangelsk, Russia, works at the supermarket. She dreams of a modelling career but her shyness and absurd lack of self esteem has held her back. Larissa has been single for more than three years, but doesn't go out often and spends her lonely, depressed evenings on her sofa...
  6. sexpilot

    Looks Alla_Russian_student_3 4

    Alla Russian 19 y.o. student in Italian weekend by escort reasons ) This is my attempt to build Look to VAM... And IT SO HARD!! Because need 12 hours to prepare pack ( Add this pack and open manually.
  7. vamX

    Paid Scenes vamX 1.12 - Russian Voice & Accent, Create Custom Poses 1.12

    A powerful, extremely fast way to use VaM. Filled with poses, animation, lip-synced speech, quick change scenes, stories, toys, looks, threesomes, orgies, an in-game tutorial, and an easy one-button-press interface! Watch on Slushe (HQ) Get vamX 1.12 at...
  8. Granica

    Looks Sveta v2 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Русская скромная Света
  9. SCAMP

    Looks Nadia 1.1 Hub-Hosted VAR PC EA

    Nadia, 28, from St.Petersburg, Russia, started playing tennis in her teens, inspired by the great successful Russian players. Nadia became an international phenomenon, not only because she was an accomplished tennis player, but also because of her stunning good looks. Now, she's a glamour model...
  10. F

    Looks Alina 2021-02-14 Hub-Hosted VAR FC

    Alina from Russia with love
  11. SelchidhVR

    Paid Scenes Bonus Scissoring Scene - Rubinoff Dynasty 2020-09-02

    This is a set of bonus scenes for my recent Russian-themed immersive scene set. This adds two scenes to the original three-scene release - a standing display scene, and a scissoring scene. It's remarkable how rare scenes with gay women scissoring are here... but after trying to get the...
  12. SelchidhVR

    Scenes Immersive Set #7 - The Fall of the Rubinoff Dynasty 3

    Immersive Scene Set #7- The Rubinoff Dynasty - In the late days of Tsarist Russia, you are called to the parlour of the winter palace in the small hours of the morning... to please the ladies of the court... while they please each other. This is a three scene set, with two bonus scenes...
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