1. TGC

    Paid Scenes Romantic Night 4

    Interactive scene with short sexy intro, spanking, lots of positions and animated transitions. In the preview videos below is active dude version of the scene. There is also VR version, where the dude does not move, so you can possess him and play around with the girl ;D Short Preview...
  2. PUTZ

    Paid Scenes Ex. DL | TOUGE 2048 Racing Girl "Sol Phuxalot" +New Male "Steve Mac" 2 Timeline Scenes 2021-06-27

    TOUGE Racing Girl “Sol Phuxalot” plus New Guy “Steve Mac” TWO Timeline Animated Scenes at Kohai student apt. A PATREON.COM/PUTZ EXCLUSIVE (Model & Scenes) Shining Star Tier & Up. - Join Now & Enjoy Loads & Loads of Content ;-) Sol Phuxalot with 3 Body Types - New Guy Steve Mac (Around 20...
  3. VirtAmateur

    Paid Scenes Paige's Playtime 1

    Video preview (🔊 on): Features: Lots of different idle moves. She will react to the spanks and the toys. Spanking and moan sounds. Custom red cheeks texture. Includes: Appearance preset for Paige. Scene. Look: Screenshots:
  4. Universens

    Paid Scenes Loft Vol.1 - Lazy Sunday 1.0

    Click and see my other WORKS
  5. TGC

    Paid Scenes In The Club WIP 6

    Very playable WIP version of my interactive disco scene "In The Club" for VAM 1.20+, which I have been working on for several months. Features: sexy dancing (currently 4 tracks with animated dancing), over 30 sex positions with many animated transitions inbetween them (144 timeline animations...
  6. ZRSX

    Assets [Subscene] Interactive SciFi fucking machine 2.0

    Well, I've made another fucking machine. Except this one is from Science-Fiction! It's quite huge and really, really interactive. Just use the console to enjoy it! The machine is available as a subscene, made only with VAM native objects. That means it's lightweight and fully customizable...

    Paid Scenes I had an appointment with the doctor 1.0

    Interactive doctor scene Try to become a doctor and help red haired Kristen has first visit at gynecologist since she has 18. In your office you will find 30+ interactive tools I can convert ready 3D models or create 3D model from scratch ;) Have idea? let me know ;) 3D models by...
  8. rernat

    Scenes Undress and please DEMO 2

    Highly interactive scene where you may undress a woman and please her desire. This scene works best in VR. Instructions are given during the scene. Patreons will get way more: Credits and thanks to: AcidBubbles: Timeline ClockwiseSilver: Expression Plugin Dragontales...
  9. Androinz

    Scenes Succubus Release - Experimental Interactive Scene 1.01

    SUCCUBUS RELEASE It runs surprisingly well. Tags Multiple anal positions, one vaginal, multiple blowjob, deepthroat, belly inflation, orgasm by thinking(?), spanking, seducing, pussy caressing, breast grope (lame), interactive dialogue, choices, quick-reset button, single continuous scene...
  10. Slam Thunderhide

    Paid Scenes Be Rough With Me 3.0

    Intense interactive scene where you control the action. The model really comes alive for you. Version 3.0 2 New Scenes! CHECK OUT THE FULL TRAILER: So you can see it in action and learn how it works. Christina, your perfect little slut loves to talk...
  11. Super Blowjob closeup

    Super Blowjob closeup

    Closeup view from the Super blowjob v0.2 Scene
  12. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Animated Blowjob 1.0

    Hey there! here is the new interactive/animated blowjob scene download, it inculdes 5+ minutes of animation and a second scene without animations for interactive play only, please let me know what you think, regards! <3
  13. J

    Scenes Skater Girl: How to give head (Reduced Dependencies) 2021-01-02

    Same as previous scene but with most paywalled dependencies removed
  14. TheScenes

    Scenes The Scenes Free blowjob Scene 1 0.1

    Hey there! This is my second attempt to share a interactive blowjob scene, now packed in a .var file. If anything please let me know, thanks!! <3
  15. TheScenes

    Scenes TheScenes - Free Blowjob Scene 0.1

    My first attempt to share a saved custom interactive scene, no animations. Everything should be included in VaM except for Bjassist plugin. The loaded girl look is from NutkinChan's megapack / WadeVrx, thanks!

    Paid Scenes Comfy Saloon "wiwi" 1.0

    Are you tired after whole day of working? If yes, Sit back on the couch and relax. and maybe invite someone? >>Scene include: - custom 3D model created by: hesamvalipoora under CC Attribution - light setup - working web browser (TV) - button to turn on/off reflections of floor (grey...
  17. J

    Scenes Skater Girl Lessons: How to give head 2020-12-08

    Skater girl teaches us how to give head
  18. PUTZ

    Paid Looks PUTZ Exclusive "Elise" +3 Scenes: Cream Obelisk & Portal into your Dick'mension! 1

    A Patron's of the PUTZ Exclusive model & scenes. "Elise" in a Lust in Time Ch03. Here’s what’s in this Exclusive Release! (Patron level Shining Star & Up Exclusive - ) New Model “Elise” A Time Traveling Petite Busty Blonde. 3 Interactive Scenes: [ 1 ] Cumoverload - on...
  19. PUTZ

    Paid Looks Ex. DL | "Lust in Time" model Crystal at 3 ages; 22, 25 & 33! Bed Play scene swap her age, pose... 1

    Created as Exclusive Content for //// The clothing is FREE at The New Theme for November is LUST IN TIME! Time Travel & Freezing Time scenes ;-) To kick it off... Crystal Addon Includes: New model Crystal Ages a 22yr Spunky Snowboarder; and Crystal at 25yr...
  20. Slam Thunderhide

    Scenes BJ Girl 2020-11-14

    This is my first scene with models. It was supposed to be a simple test of an idea I had on how I had envisioned VAM to be used in VR but it grew into a pretty big project. This scene is totally designed for VR. I have no idea how this will look or if it will work in desktop mode. This is an...
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