1. Slam Thunderhide

    Paid Scenes Be Rough With Me 4.0

    Intense interactive scene where you control the action. The model really comes alive for you. Big Update! Brand New Room, Updated Model and 2 New Scenes! Previous scenes updated and tweaked. Now All With Embody. New Larger Room With 10 Stations (6 Available Now) Turn Mirrors on or off...
  2. Super Blowjob closeup

    Super Blowjob closeup

    Closeup view from the Super blowjob v0.2 Scene
  3. TheScenes

    Paid Scenes Animated Blowjob 1.0

    Hey there! here is the new interactive/animated blowjob scene download, it inculdes 5+ minutes of animation and a second scene without animations for interactive play only, please let me know what you think, regards! <3
  4. J

    Scenes Skater Girl: How to give head (Reduced Dependencies) 2021-01-02

    Same as previous scene but with most paywalled dependencies removed
  5. TheScenes

    Scenes The Scenes Free blowjob Scene 1 0.1

    Hey there! This is my second attempt to share a interactive blowjob scene, now packed in a .var file. If anything please let me know, thanks!! <3
  6. TheScenes

    Scenes TheScenes - Free Blowjob Scene 0.1

    My first attempt to share a saved custom interactive scene, no animations. Everything should be included in VaM except for Bjassist plugin. The loaded girl look is from NutkinChan's megapack / WadeVrx, thanks!

    Paid Scenes Comfy Saloon "wiwi" 1.0

    Are you tired after whole day of working? If yes, Sit back on the couch and relax. and maybe invite someone? >>Scene include: - custom 3D model created by: hesamvalipoora under CC Attribution - light setup - working web browser (TV) - button to turn on/off reflections of floor (grey...
  8. J

    Scenes Skater Girl Lessons: How to give head 2020-12-08

    Skater girl teaches us how to give head
  9. PUTZ

    Paid Looks PUTZ Exclusive "Elise" +3 Scenes: Cream Obelisk & Portal into your Dick'mension! 1

    A Patron's of the PUTZ Exclusive model & scenes. "Elise" in a Lust in Time Ch03. Here’s what’s in this Exclusive Release! (Patron level Shining Star & Up Exclusive - ) New Model “Elise” A Time Traveling Petite Busty Blonde. 3 Interactive Scenes: [ 1 ] Cumoverload - on...
  10. PUTZ

    Paid Looks Ex. DL | "Lust in Time" model Crystal at 3 ages; 22, 25 & 33! Bed Play scene swap her age, pose... 1

    Created as Exclusive Content for //// The clothing is FREE at The New Theme for November is LUST IN TIME! Time Travel & Freezing Time scenes ;-) To kick it off... Crystal Addon Includes: New model Crystal Ages a 22yr Spunky Snowboarder; and Crystal at 25yr...
  11. Slam Thunderhide

    Scenes BJ Girl 2020-11-14

    This is my first scene with models. It was supposed to be a simple test of an idea I had on how I had envisioned VAM to be used in VR but it grew into a pretty big project. This scene is totally designed for VR. I have no idea how this will look or if it will work in desktop mode. This is an...
  12. Molmark

    Paid Assets Interactive furniture: Bedroom 1

    148 active bones for all. 2 beds, 2 nightstands, and pillow.
  13. Molmark

    Paid Early-Access Assets Interactive furniture - chocolate set 1

    Set of sofa and chair with bones-based phisics. 16 bones with different weights for each pillow.
  14. VAMpyre

    Scenes Oriana Masturbates 2.0

    I'm delighted how many of you downloaded my debut submission, and it looks like Oriana is too. Care to join her? ---------- This is a semi-interactive animation featuring dynamic movements and lighting effects, using a combination of MacGruber's Life and vanilla AnimationPatterns. The .var...
  15. Universens

    Paid Scenes SofaSeries - Vol.4 4.0

    Interactive Sofa Sex Series Vol.4 Preview :
  16. hazmhox

    Scenes, how do you play ? On what do you play ?

    Hey guys, I'm working on extensive tests for my next scene, and trying to finish the overall game design of the story. I have a few things and mind, and for the plans I have, a question is making me crazy : how are you guys and gals experiencing scenes in VAM ? Is it mostly desktop ? or VR ...
  17. Norm

    Scenes The COLONY (environment) 1

    Sound environment, interactive shower and hologram, there is a button to turn on the melody (change the music if necessary). The scene must be playable on outdated PCs (i5, GTX 750 ti, with a default character)
  18. hazmhox

    Plugins VAMLaunch repack 2

    This is a repacked version of the original script made by _Zengineer_ ( original thread here ). I have also made a little tweak that allows the launch to have slower movements. With the last firmware updates, the launch handle way better slow movements and it was a shame that the script...
  19. TGC

    Paid Scenes Kinky Pleasures 1.0

    Interactive BDSM scene "Kinky Pleasures" for VAM 1.19.2 + (Also works with latest VaM versions - Features: 18 positions, butt gets gradually red from spanking, sexy moans by Eve's Garden, no loading times. Preview Video: Here are some...
  20. TGC

    Paid Scenes Virtual Sweetheart 1.0

    Interactive scene made with Acidbubbles`s Timeline plugin. Including BJ, FJ, 5 missionary and 5 doggy positions, smooth transitions and voice by Eve from You will need VaM version 1.19.2+ for this scene (Also works with VaM versions - Preview Video...
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