1. Eaglekun

    Looks Queen Nefertiti 1.0

    My attempt at recreating the famous Queen Nefertiti of the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt whose name literally means "the beautiful one has come". Is this 100% Historically accurate? Nah the Egyptians liked to be head to toe shaved smooth from what I read, its my artistic take on her but I...

    Paid Looks Ancient Queen Cleo 2021-05-20

    The Queen has come! --- Crown 3D model: shimtimultimedia Background 3D models: LEX_GFX --- I can convert ready 3D models or create 3D model from scratch ;) Have idea? let me know ;)
  3. Miki

    Paid Looks Ana 1

    As voted with most popularity in the last patron poll: Ana is an Egyptian sniper and she is locked, loaded, and ready to deliver the medicine. She comes with face body & genital morphs, two hairstyles, & custom makeup. The outfit as pictured is created by none other than MeshedVR included in...
  4. Denngar

    Looks Pharah Look 1

    "Clear skies ahead!" Meet Fareeha Amari: Helix Security Chief, bringer of justice and part-time weather girl. Another Overwatch inspired look: This time it's jetpack-packing, Egyptian badass Pharah. Had this look on my list for quite some time, now I've finally got to finish it. Still not...
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