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Zack of DOA6. Open scene file, use CUAManager for save sunglasses preset if you wish, then reset pose+save appearance preset.

This one was commission by a patron and went through 3 iterations before was happy with final result. Torso+Arms+Legs texs have been reworked from original and feature brand new pelvis+genitals texs from scratch by me.

Like all my works, should expect no-compromise, no-shortcut, canon-accurate, high-effort model that maintain essence of original.


  • Reworked face+body texs with pelvis+genitals area from scratch by me
  • 40+ hrs work for bring character to life in VAM
  • Canon face/body/proportions
  • Beard made from scratch in vam hair system
  • Suit outfit ported from game
  • Highly detailed normal map to make skin+muscle microdetails stand out
  • Full custom genitals texs, no autogenerated filler you all have seen 100000x before
  • Sunglasses imported as assetbundle
Few notes:

  • Smoothness iterations in performance settings should put at 1, higher than 1 cause change eyes shape
  • If have rare issue with eyes clipping, go in clothing tab+remove eyes shadow
  • Skin+muscle detail can adjust with Diffuse Bumpiness+ Specular Bumpiness in "Skin Materials 2" tab
  • If not familiar with CUAManager, should read hub page which have guide on use
  • Suit deform in certain poses, not much that can do about this for male chars since lack detailed colliders for sim + vam clothing import generally destroy everything
Mandatory things:

  • You CAN reference/use this look/model in scenes you make, but you may not use this in paywall content.
  • Do not redistribute or repackage my work.
  • Do not use my work as base for other works (like building new look/texs/clothes/alternate version etc off this for example) without asking permission.
  • If my work (such as models/envs) is use in for-profit things like selling gifs/movies etc on Patreon or somewhere else, write me in credits for whatever model/env you use.
  • You may do small modifications to my work for own personal use but you may not distribute them.

Depend on workload+schedule am available for commission, send message here on hub or (preferably) discord, neci#5711

For more works by me including more game ports + premium environments visit
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Awesome work, and a very well made look. VAM needs more DOA males.
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