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Continuing series of public+out of early access models that have made, this time have Paul of famous fighting game series. This is older model from 3+ years ago, skill at time was much lower than now. Current skill level more represented by Merrin model.

  • Canon face, body proportions, but bit shorter so not cause problem with scale in VAM
  • Have full body textures with lot of details, faithful as possible to original
  • Include flame suit outfit
  • Hair include as clothing import
  • Beard include as decal
Few notes:

  • "Frown" expression is normal default as in original model
  • Smoothness iterations in performance settings should put at 1, higher than 1 cause change eyes shape
  • May have weirdness when bend arms (common with big muscles) + legs in certain angles. This will be fix in VAM 2.x with better joint corrective morph system
  • Some seams in groin area, have tried reduce them as much as possible, can tweak with skin+muscle detail tip below
  • Skin+muscle detail can be turn up/down with Diffuse Bumpiness+ Specular Bumpiness in "Skin Materials 2" tab
  • If have weird effects with hair at certain angle, edit scalp materials tab->change alpha blend+render queue until have setting that works for you

Mandatory things:
  • You CAN reference/use this look/model in public/hub scenes you make, but you may not use this in paywall content without my explicit permission.
  • Do not use my work for promotion of paid/paywalled/commercial works
  • If you make hub scene with this, do not waste mine or others time with dependency hell bullshit. (25+ dependencies) Will revoke permission for my work in your scene if this happen.
  • Do not redistribute or repackage my work.
  • Do not use my work as base for other works (like building new look/texs/clothes/alternate version etc off this for example) without my explicit permission.
  • If my work (such as models/envs) is use in for-profit things like selling gifs/movies etc on Patreon or somewhere else, write me in credits for whatever model/env you use.
  • You may do small modifications to my work for own personal use but you may not distribute them.

Depend on workload+schedule am available for commission, send message to neci3d on Discord or here on hub. (I do not check hub as often, Discord = much faster response.) Can do characters+environments.

If you want your commission done right, know that own personal focus for game models is accuracy+ high quality. My works are NOT based on smutba.se/SFM/XNALara models that usually full of huge errors/mistakes/inaccuracy/cringe. As saying goes, garbage in=garbage out. I only work with original models from game as base, then flesh rest out with precision+care. No corner cutting in my work. If you are hungry for more than McDonalds quality port, talk to me for Michelin Star job.

Result is high-effort recreation of char for you to enjoy in VAM. Have been doing this for years now and always improving with every release.

For more works by me including more game ports + premium environments visit
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