Wardrobe Clothing Textures and Presets

Textures Wardrobe Clothing Textures and Presets 1

I've split up the single VAR into three packs because of the file size limit for hosting on the Hub. Each one is just under 500 MB. You can download all three, or just pick the one(s) you like. This should also help to reduce the size of dependencies if you want to use these in released scenes (as long as you don't use all three).

Pack 1 includes these sets:
- Alphakini
- Avery
- Errands
- Fancy
- Heat Up
- IC
- Simple
- ST Sneakers
- Swim Wear 2
- Tank Top & Shorts

Pack 2 includes these sets:
- Garden Party
- Harli Heels
- Heatwave
- Little Flirt
- Stockings

Pack 3 includes these sets:
- Black Light
- Casual
- Enchantress
- Miss Kringle
- Molten
- Red Rabbit Dress
- Silky PJ
- Summer Girl
- Ultra Cat Suit

If you use these, then you DON'T need the 1.42 GB WrongTamago.WardrobeClothingPresets.1.var anymore. Please don't use the large one in scenes, as these packs are easier to download.
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