Wardrobe Clothing Textures and Presets

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Update: I've split this into multiple VARs. Be sure to check out the Updates page to see which clothing items are included in each pack.

What is this?

Clothing textures and presets for builtin (a.k.a. MeshedVR) clothing items. These were compiled from textures for the old Wardrobe plugin by VamDazzler. I extracted the alpha masks, and created the presets and thumbnails.

Presets are also included for many texture sets that are already included in the base game. The preset thumbnails make it more convenient than flipping through the texture sets one by one.

There are 792 presets for individual clothing items, and 302 presets for outfits available in the Clothing Presets tab.


Clothing Presets

Go to the Clothing Presets tab and click "Select Existing".


Select WrongTamago.WardrobeClothingPresetsPack*.* or a "Flattened" option from the VARs on the sidebar. There are folders for each set of clothing items.


Select the folder to browse and then choose your outfit.


Individual Clothing Items

Wear a MeshedVR clothing item and click "Customize".


Select the Preset tab and click "Select Existing".


Select WrongTamago.WardrobeClothingPresetsPack*.* or a "Flattened" option from the VARs on the sidebar and choose your preset.


  • There are no custom clothing items in this pack. There are only textures and presets for MeshedVR clothes.
  • For items that are white, you can easily tint them to any color you want by customizing and going to the Params tab. You can also do this for items that already have color, but results may vary.
  • There are two outfit folders that are combinations of separate clothing item sets:
    • Bikini (Fancy Bra and Heat Up Panty)
    • Schoolgirl (Heatwave and Little Flirt Skirt)
  • I tried to pick good specular and gloss values for each preset, as very few textures came with matching gloss masks or bump maps.
  • For outfit presets, I kept matching sets together, but omitted masks or hats.
  • For clothing that had no matching sets, I tried to make some outfits that looked decent.
  • Not all individual presets are covered by outfits. Look through the individual clothing items for more.
  • I didn't realize that an3k already released a very similar pack a while ago: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/wardrobe-clothing.1301/ It has many of the same textures, but some are different.

DJ_clem for compiling the textures and making them available for download.
VamDazzler for creating the original Wardrobe plugin (now obsolete).
the-loser for creating Photoshop templates (not included here).
Virt-a-Create/Vince for creating the Wardobe archive and most of the textures.
l3auer and Aganno for texture contributions.
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