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This is the second in a series of environment ports "Time to Travel".

These environments are larger than most Virt-a-Mate environments, giving you room to move around and explore.

This environment contains a lot of objects and lights. It runs ok on my 1080 in VR. Lighting looks perfect with pixel lights set to 6, but then the scene is a bit slow. When pixel lights are set to 2 the scene runs faster but there can be some dark patches on the road in the night version. It's not very noticeable, but if you want it perfect, set pixel lights to 6.

This is a free ( CC BY ) environment for everyone, and can be used without vamX for you to set up poses manually anywhere, and build your own scenes using Virt-a-Mate.

Includes both Day & Night versions. Day version is slightly less performance intensive as long as you stay away from the sprinklers. Also includes versions with and without lights and ambient background sound.

You can also open Night Sidewalk for vamX, Day Yard for vamX, Night Yard for vamX & Day Sprinklers for vamX versions of the scene to open the neighborhood scene as a vamX scene. You can then use all of vamX, including animations, dancing, speech, stories, looks, music, loading and detaching clothes, etc. Requires vamX 1.4 or higher for full functionality.

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good job bro
Damm that looks great
Wow !
This is cool !
Excellent port! Love the day and night views!
Very nice. Lol. Excellent detail, lots to do with this. Runs great on my 1080ti. Though, probably not the intended purpose, I like making the dude fall off the roofs. I can't stop laughing.
thanks VamX for the Finward Studios Neighborhood asset , looks great and runs smoothly
Dam man, played like 50 hours of this map in Onward.
Wunderbar Thank you
Really cool. I'm sitting in VR on the rooftop chilling. :D Is this your neighborhood
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