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How to use
  • Open or create a scene.
  • Create a new empty atom
  • Add the plugin from the package on the empty atom (The script will name the atom properly for you)
  • Open the plugin and start customizing!

What is VAM Lightsabers?

I did made another library Lightsabers 101, so what is new here? Well, it is fully customizable, for each individual parts of the lightsaber AND allows double/dual bladed lightsabers.

It is also fully sounded and can be triggered to be switched on and off at will. There are 11 sets of components, 2 have been made by @Tanklover.

You can customize blade color, vfx colors, material colors, and setup your whole hilt body as you wish. With 4 parts and 11 sets at the moment of the release, this allows over 10000 permutations.

Additional information and tips

  • Due to the sheer amount of permutations, I did not get into config files to compensate for weird offsets. This allows me to build saber parts without too much constraints. For instance taia and taiagold needs an offset -0.0022 for every part. You can configure that in "lightsaber offsets".
  • Feel free to experiment with offset. With some combinations, making the parts get into one another looks quite nice.
  • The proper way of handling your favorite lightsabers is to save a preset for the atom.
  • You can adjust the offset for every part, but also for the blades.
  • You can customize the material color for the hilt, but due to the way the shader is made, it might only look very nice on some hilts. Deku for instance is one of those.
  • To have the best possible quality for the hilts, you need a proper GI/reflection probe inside your scene. If you don't have a lot, any of the Spaceboxes will do.

There's a rumor that...

An old VAM Jedi built a secret blade, deprived from it's deadly aspects and made for endless hours of pleasure. Who knows who will stumble upon it in the future?

Special Thanks
Thanks to @Tanklover for contributing to the hilts.
Thanks to @KyraAngel for testing / Q&A
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