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Hey all! I wanted to write this up as a place to put some relevant information I've got regarding how to use I also want to request any other useful info or knowledge from the community that can be added to this via replies in the discussion page!

Tips List:

1. When choosing the crypto you want to receive as payment, MATIC is a coin that has a lot of utility and has really low transaction fees + a fast network. USDT however is more stable and is better if you want to regularly cash out your profits, though even this still has some risk.


2. If you are in the US, it may be wise to switch to the "Escrow" payout mode vs the "Direct" option in your profile settings. You have to report every single crypto transaction to the IRS when you declare your income. If you use Escrow, you can then just pay yourself out in less frequent intervals, similar to how Patreon does it. This in turn is less work overall.​


3. When selling individual items, such as 1 single look for a lower discounted price, make sure you do not include the download link directly on the post, as it is easily scraped. For example, even just posting the locked via pay link on discord, the discord embedded link preview shows the text of the post even if you have text preview disabled.​



Where it shows "Download Link" I have as a hotlink to the google drive URL of the download. If it was not a hotlink, anyone could see it outright without having to pay.​

4. I have decided to add a small #ad line at the top of a few of my posts, see here for an example. I think this is a good temporary way to handle selling here in addition to the standard Patreon way. At least until a more permanent solution is in place.​



This is what I've got so far. If you feel anything I said here is incorrect or wrong please let me know! I plan for this to be a place we can discuss Housefly as creators. What works and what doesn't work. Etc. And of course if you have any extra tips you think should be added, relating specifically to housefly or even how to manage crypto better, feel free to discuss in the discussion area of the post!

Cheers! 🍻 - Pogdaddy
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Great writeup! I did not realize the download link leak issue. Changed my links to hotlinks after reading your writeup. Thanks!
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