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First time sharing on the hub so if i've screwed up I'm sure i'll find out pretty soon.

This look includes a scene (does not include the forest scene below. the included scene is just a basic lighting setup); 4 appearance presets for Hairy+Wet, Hairy+Dry, Shaven+Wet, Shaven+Dry; A collider preset for acidbubbles' collider editor so that her breasts will have collision, and a hair preset for her longer hair and her bangs. Her hair for whatever reason doesn't always appear as it should pictured below, the fix is simple: select the nostage3 hairs that are equipped and simply load the included hair preset for wavy9 and bangs4.

Here's one of my creations, a futa catgirl named Uba. Body+Face I can proudly say are mine. Hair is edited from NoStage3's amazing work. Makeup is slightly edited from both Kemenate and Jackaroo. Eyelashes courtesy of the ones shipped in kdollmasta's mk14(F). Cat ears are by Miki.

(I know she looks a bit like a certain fox girl from a certain MOBA game, and if this gets any attention i'll probably release an update with a lookalike version for said fox girl.)

Futa only, sorry. However, she uses a base VAM skin and as such you should be able to port her over to female fairly easily if you so desire.

She requires the morphs mega pack that can be found >>>> HERE <<<<
Everything else should appear under dependencies.

Be nice to her, enjoy xoxo :3
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