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This is a mashup of MonsterShinkai's Twerk Machine with vamG-san's Phuthon dance. I had played around quite a bit with the original Twerk Machine, and when vamG-san released his Phuthon dance, I thought it would be more fun if there was a hybrid scene that had both. I had wanted to put together a hybrid version that had the girl's hands behind her head, but couldn't come up with one that I was satisfied with since I'm not particularly experienced with animation or VAM, so I settled on this quick and dirty version.

I also modified the original Twerk Machine scene to include toggles for reflection and jiggle. Toggling reflection will help save on frames, while toggling jiggle will enable/disable jiggling for each dance without having to manage the sliders each time. Keep in mind that you need to have jiggle toggled on for twerking, while it's optional (and potentially more fun) for the Phuthon and hybrid dances. Twerk2 is essentially the original Twerk but with the girl's head unlocked, so she should always be turning to face the camera.

Hope you have fun with this!

MonsterShinkai's Twerk Machine
(you NEED to download this for the scene to work properly; additional instructions within for plugins and adding music)

vamG-san's Phuthon dance

Known issues
Note that I put this together in about a day without much extensive testing so there may possibly be bugs, but hitting the reset button should fix most issues. Depending on the audio track you use, the girl's height and bone morphs, and slider values, you may encounter some weird animation briefly if jiggle is used in combination with the Phuthon dance, so turn off jiggle if it's too distracting. If you stumble onto any scene-breaking bugs, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Some tips that might help you have more fun:
1. Use a body shine mod.
2. Put a skirt on your girl for more visual stimulus.
3. Enable soft body physics (or disable if it's too "jiggly" for your liking).
4. Use a good catchy audio track; I like K-pop (e.g. KDA's Popstars) specifically for this scene but of course YMMV.
5. Turn down hair density if your frames are being eaten but you still want reflection enabled.
6. Hide/remove some of the environmental lights if you find them in the way of the dances, in particular the Phuthon dance; I left them in for distribution in order to stay faithful to the original scene.

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