Tongue Twister - Pond Pounding

Scenes Tongue Twister - Pond Pounding 2.1

Mackenzie looks kinda different, don't you think? With this scene I tried myself on something a bit more fantasy than my usual stuff, although I have to give credit where credit is due, it was greatly inspired by this dreamy illustration done by Calm and the forest oasis scene created by Damarmau.

What that tongue do?

What a dump truck of an ass

Credits (Non-VaM):
Pond and Creek (UHD) by SINNIK (deleted unnecessary geometry for better performance)

Relaxing Green Nature by David Fesliyan (Music)
Relaxing Mountains Rivers Streams Running Water by INNORECORDS
Day Time Sounds in Malaysian Jungle by paulprit
Tropical Ambience Night Ecuador by pmoss2

Credits (VaM):
Frostbane3D - Tyrande Armor
Hunting Succubus - EyeBall Shadow
WeebU - Cum Cloth
crimeless - Wet Penis
Captain Varghoss - Braces
VAMDoll - Sweatshirt v1

MacGruber - PostMagic
dub - AudioMate
AcidBubbles - ColliderEditor
hazmhox - VaMMoan
NoStage3 - UnityAssetVamifier
ToumeHisuji - DiviningRod
AcidBubbles - Embody
AcidBubbles - SpawnPoint
hazmhox - vamoverlays

Sharr - Horn Pack
ICannotDie - LUT Pack
hazmhox - rocksandplants 101
Romolas - Skyboxes
Matt Richard - Trees 2
Damarmau - Moonscene
Xstatic - MegaParticlePack

Roac - Flip 3
Roac - Flip hair
kemenate - Male Beard
kemenate - Male Body Hair

Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions
kemenate - Morphs
Spacedog - Import Reloaded Lite

WeebU - Ina Futa, OrcFuta, Ruth Futa
WeebU - Penis normal maps ZERO FU
kemenate - Decals

TGC - SlapStuffAudioPack

PetaZwega - Mackenzie, Henry
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Latest reviews

Thanks for sharing, this is great.
Love it - always imaginative and innovative - I salute you sir!
Amazing quality scene.
Great Scene. Need more stuff from your Lagoon Girl :-) Very beautiful!
For anyone having FPS issues, turn off the reflections and resave the scene for future openings!
This is so good. Can't wait for next scenes
for sure one of the best light and environment set I was playing with VAM, showing the absurd quality sometimes we can get even with relatively modest hardware. Great and elegant options for all, body animation included. BRAVO!!!
A beautiful and expertly crafted scene. On the level of the Great Nicho, or should I say him being on the same level as you?

Looking forward to the coming addition of new positions!
A huge request, please fix the light, I'm not talking about braking and FPS drawdowns, but the lighting itself, it just looks disgusting and doesn't go well, thank you
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