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The Massage is a story scene series telling the story of an erotic massage session. You also get two complete looks: Melinda, 43, with head hair and pussy hair as well as texture decals, and her daughter Tiffany, 22, with head and pussy hair. Assets from Cs Digital Studios (Massage Bed) and AmineKunai were used (Body Towel).

Melinda, 43, has bought her daughter Tiffany a massage session for her 22nd birthday. They both walk into SCAMP'S MASSAGE INSTITUTE where you are working.

Required files. Check the Dependencies tab to get them all. As usual with my scenes, requirements are kept at a minimum.


Tan lines by DJ_Clem
Massage Bed by Cs Digital Studio (
Body Towel by AmineKunai (
Kemenate made additional morphs (
Kemenate made Tiffany's eyeliner (
NoStage3 for the Vamifier.

Place the var in your AddonPackages and run the ScampMasturbationFantasyNov2020START.json file

MASTURBATION CHALLENGE: If you masturbate and complete this scene series with an happy ending, like I did and what it's meant for, then PM me and I'll send you the bonus scene where the girls pose on the massage table in a very sexy manner. Trust me, it's not very hard to complete this challenge lol. Be sure to mention it's for "The Massage" as I've got other challenges ongoing for other works of mine.

Oh, and I have an own DISCORD channel for me and my hundreds of thousands of fans. If you wanna join, PM me and I'll send you an invite!

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AWESOME work!!! the composition, the idea, the suggestion of the scene, two thumbs up!! Thanks for that magnificent job!
Thank you! That is most kind!
Incredibly well made scene! This is how it should be done.
Thanks mate! I really appreciate all the positive feedback this one's getting!
Simply amazing!
Thanks mate! I appreciate it! There'll be more like this in the future!
I love it when two girl having fun just like me
Absolutely! Win-win situation.
Amazing! Most enjoyable scene I've seen in quite a while. Thanks for the great work
Thank you! Hearing stuff like that means a lot and indicates what you guys want. There's going to be more with these girls and in this way in the future. It was awesome fun to create too.
Just checked it in desktop mod and ohh boy this is hot! Definitely gonna try the challlenge next time when I play it in VR ;D
Thanks buddy. Yeah I did the challenge myself, you know, as QA rofl
This has got to be my favorite scene of yours yet! Absolutely love it! Great work!
Hey thanks! It started out as a little thing to get myself going a bit and it developed into this glorious thing. So enjoy it. The girls are popular, so I will use them again in the future for more similar things.
Thanks for this scenes! very good works as always. I still curious what happened to Maria's adventure lol
lol She's still in the hotel room with her boss. I'm going to give it an ending in the future, but now I have to do a couple other things. Stay tuned. She's one of my favourite stars, so I won't leave her hanging lol
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