The Ivory Maiden

Scenes The Ivory Maiden 1.1

Story of Pygmalion and Galatea based on one of Ovid's Metamorphoses stories.
Thanks to Nayris for creating such incredible Looks, they were the inspiration for making this whole scene!

Turn that volume up!

This is my biggest (and also finished lol) scene so far containing a complete story, a kind of mini game and quite a few sex positions all with customization options (and all of them in one scene, so no loading times!!!). Albeit coincidental I also found out that the included sex scenes work pretty well with most other looks too, so I'm sure you will have fun with anyone you want.

VaM Dependencies:
Nayris - Iris
Nayris - Nikos

dub - AudioMate
AcidBubbles - Glance
MacGruber - Life
WGSoup - WindControl+
NoStage3 - UnityAssetVamifier
hazmhox - vamcui
AcidBubbles - ColliderEditor
ToumeiHitsuji - DiviningRod
ClockwiseSilver - SilverExpressionTool
hazmhox - VaMMoan

Spacedog - Import Reloaded Lite
kemenate - morphs
Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions
AshAuryn - Sexpressions

Nayris - Greeck-like simple dress set
kemenate - clothing

kemenate - Male Hairstyles
ddaamm - male model hair

kmsktx - Chieftain Stool

Weeb - Penis normal maps ZERO FU

Used Content included for convenience:
ZRSX - Texture library

ToumeiHitsuji - SlapStuffAudioPack

Non-VaM Credits:
SXuno - Smith tools
oliverlaric - Statue of Nymph Preparing For The Bath
Ultimate Sex Sounds Pack (v1.0) (Seriously check this one out, really great collection of nsfw sounds)
Exotic Relaxation Background by jabameister
"Ambience, Peaceful Synth.wav" by InspectorJ

Special Thanks:

Obviously first and foremost thanks to Nayris for the incredible looks and clothes that were the inspiration for creating all this!

Pogdaddy for playtesting and generally being a great and helpful buddy!

Ovid. You da real mvp man!
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Latest updates

  1. Public Release! + minor morph fix

    Finally you get to experience this acient myth of a pervy sculptor for free, enjoy! Also fixed...

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Really cool, amazing work done there, but not a scene i would come back a lot.
Incredible, an inspiration
Wow! I wanted to check that scene out for a while and finally could, honestly, it's amazing! Well done <3
the best i ever seen, perfect
Nice concept, love the UI, very well done!
Just outstanding!
Real piece of art. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.
verly lovely story, nice "crafting" and i LOVE the Lotus Pose!! UI is good, too
Wow, just wow. Peta, that was amazing, thanks for sharing!
Amazing quality! Unfortunately, VaM is very slow on my pc, especially with my custom hairstyles. But I hope I can personally appreciate the creation of Peta Zwega
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