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Rather than post a video i thought i would upload a preview scene so you can see where its heading. Ive tried to create lots of opportunities to spawn new menus where additional options and animations can be added. Go through the options and menus to progress the scene. The idea is that there wont be a permanently visible male, but that other models can be called into the scene, and then have their cpu load reduced when they leave it again. I am also planning to use Acid Bubbles' "Embody" to allow the player to enter any person atom they like as a passenger.

If you load different models hit reset to equip them with the correct clothing after.

Requires by Acid Bubbles | Virt-A-Mate Hub (

Clothing Used :

Clothing - Jax Clothing - Microkini Set | Virt-A-Mate Hub (

Clothing - Lacewear by Richabri | Virt-A-Mate Hub (

Clothing - Stockings by zoro_d with 2 presets | Virt-A-Mate Hub (

Many thanks to JaxZoa and TGC for those.
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Incredible Work. Thanks for sharing such an early stage. Changeable Models will be great. Also please keep the backroom casting couch theme and Ideas. ;)
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