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This plug-in supports the direct conversion of the computer's sound card audio output to audio source input. In this way, when you use audio and video playback software externally, you can also achieve real-time audio response in VAM.
As shown below:

or with head audiosource:


Due to VAM functional limitations. This plug-in needs to open the server on the computer (responsible for listening to the audio of the sound card and forwarding it to VAM. Don't worry, it's very easy.), and then load the plug-in in VAM.

1. Extract SpectrumInformationDistribution and run SpectrumInformationDistribution.exe.
You can download it directly on the Hub, or download it on my Google cloud disk.

You can also check my source code:

bosssu/SpectrumInformationDistribution: direct conversion of computer sound card audio into audio response. (

just as follow :


2. Load this plug-in in the scene plug-in, person or any atom.

Note:If you want to use a simple audio response, it is recommended that you use the plug-in as a scene plug-in (you can also add it to any Atom).
If you want to apply the header audio effect, please hang the plug -in on Person, otherwise it will not work properly.

3. Open a music or video playback software (such as MPC-HC Player) and play whatever you want.

4. Just use it like the usual audio source( Add an event to control the flicker of the light (for example) ). :D


If you encounter any problems in use, you can comments below or join my dicord server:
and give me feedback. I will try my best to help you.

Have fun!
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Latest updates

  1. Improved audio response and lip sync accuracy.

    Added audio filtering options and presets. Improved audio response and lip sync accuracy.
  2. Fix the bug that audio event parameters cannot be saved

    1. Modify the usage guide. 2. Fix the problem that audio event parameters cannot be saved.
  3. Head AudioSource is now supported.

    Head audio is now supported( Need to Add the plug-in on Person Atom). The LipSync plug-in is not...

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Thank you, love it, very nice. But Add Transition Action and the parameters in it can't be saved. hope the settings can be saved for cases where you need to have parameter control over the audio response.
I have updated the new version 1.11. The latest version should be work. But there have been some changes to the instructions, please take a look at my instructions above.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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