Swamp-Guard Ssliza

Paid Looks Swamp-Guard Ssliza 2021-01-06

Here is a look with my first physic based tail. Used a lot of time to get it right, and I am happy with the result!

The skin texture is semi-transparent!
This means you can put the texture in your decal slot and just change the skin colour on the person to have different colour variations :)

Lastly, I made some more armour and a sword to match the look.
Hope you like it, enjoy!
VaM 2021-01-06 17-20-57.png

VaM 2021-01-06 17-03-49.png

Enhanced Eyes by @Hunting-Succubus
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Great execution of the semi-transparent textures - makes it very easy to tweak/change the color theme if you want. Lovely presentation with the background too (your artwork?) and that mask asset is super nice + the armor assets + the swords + the tail!
It's looks like this that made me create the CUAManager plugin and now I'm happy I have it. :)
The only hard part is to find some clothing body/chest piece to go along with the rest of the look.
not my artwork, I find that at wallpaper sites and pinterest. Your plugin is a godsend for me and my assets, can't stress enough how much I love it!
Always happy to see you post TY!
Only getting better from here William, now that I know how to do tails!
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