Sensual Dance motion capture scene

Paid Scenes Sensual Dance motion capture scene 2020-10-26

This is a slow dance you can relax and enjoy. It contains a little surprise.
You can find my work in my discord file section
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Now this is what VR in VAM was created for!
God, I love this. Huge thanks to Reign and his lovely model.
The premise is simple. Sit in a chair and have a gorgeous model dance seductively around you.
The animation here is wonderful as she moves around you realistically, you just have to touch her from time to time, you just can't resist!
I must give a special mention here to the music. It's dreamy and seductive. I want to sit in that chair for a long time and take it all in! And that's what I did.
This is the kind of content VAM needs more of. Very very nice work!
This is by far the best patreon sub I have done. He doesn't have a ton of mocap scenes yet but what he does have is AMAZING! Very long and detailed mocaps that are far more realistic than anything I have ever achieved with animation patterns or keyframe. I can't wait to see what Reign and his model come up with in the future. This is a sub I am keeping.
Another amazing mocap! Support quality creators.
ReignMocap's genius work with a real live model continues. If anyone deserves a Patreon subscription, he does. These mocaps can bring all your models to life. Also I think he is about to up his rig and begin capping in details never seen here before. Subscribe people
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